Managed Security Services for Accountants – What They Need to Know

Being targeted by a cyber-attack isn’t just embarrassing; it can also bring significant consequences for your business. As per PwC, the Accounting industry is at a 30% higher risk of becoming a target to an attack featuring the demand for a robust cybersecurity strategy.

A recent data breach that happened on an accounting firm “Brady Martz & Associates” affecting confidential data is already a shocker for accounting professionals.

So, Is your Accounting firm cyber-ready?

In today’s digital world, cybersecurity is a critical component of business operations across all industries. Wherein, cybersecurity is not just about preventing an attack but also mitigating and preparing for emerging threats using advanced technologies.

As the world continues to face digital transformation, the accounting industry has become a prime target for attackers. As stewards of sensitive financial information, accountants are prime targets for cyber threats aiming to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise data integrity. Hence, understanding the basics of cybersecurity and taking proactive steps becomes paramount in building customer trust and organizational resilience.

Managed Security Services (MSS) emerge as a pivotal solution for resilient defense against evolving cyber threats, offering advanced threat detection, continuous monitoring, and rapid incident response capabilities. Moreover, the advantages of MSS go beyond.

Furthermore, MSS can enhance operational efficiency, reduce expenses, and give access to specialized cybersecurity expertise. Continue reading to discover why incorporating Managed Security Services into your accounting business strategy is a wise investment decision.

What are Managed Security Services?

Managed security services include the complete implementation, monitoring, and management of a company’s cybersecurity framework. These services are outsourced to other companies that use systems built on the cloud. Managed security service providers (MSSPs) deliver round-the-clock dedicated assistance and oversight for an organization’s systems and devices.

Why should Accountants consider Managed Security Services?

In the world of modern accounting, ensuring robust cybersecurity measures isn’t just best practice—it’s a regulatory necessity.

Cybercriminals target accountants and CPA companies because they are perceived as vulnerable targets housing huge troves of sensitive data. From passwords to account numbers and client information, the stakes are high. Once compromised, hackers use this abundance of sensitive information for financial gain or extortion, posing a serious threat to both individuals and enterprises.

Managed Security Services offer a comprehensive array of features and capabilities tailored to meet the compliance requirements that CPAs must adhere to. From SOC 2 and PCI DSS compliance to HIPAA and GDPR regulations, these services provide a comprehensive framework for maintaining data integrity and protecting client confidentiality.

Proactive cybersecurity measures are indispensable for CPAs in navigating the complex landscape of regulatory mandates. By implementing advanced threat detection, continuous monitoring, and rapid incident response protocols, accounting professionals can effectively mitigate risks and uphold the highest standards of compliance. In today’s digital age, proactive cybersecurity isn’t just a choice—it’s a professional obligation for CPAs committed to safeguarding sensitive financial data and maintaining the trust of their clients.

Potential Impact of Cyber Threats on Accounting Firms

Financial Loss

Accounting firms handle sensitive data such as clients’ expenditure records, bank credentials, and account numbers. If hackers breach this information, they can swiftly drain both firms’ and their clients’ bank accounts.

Reputational Damage

The consequences of a cyber-attack targeting your accounting firm and resulting in compromised data might be damaging to your reputation. While customers may sympathize with you post-hack, the loss of trust could lead them to reconsider deploying your services in the future.

Impact on Business System

A successful attack can disrupt business operations, resulting in revenue loss and lower productivity. In the worst-case scenario, it could even force your accounting firm to shut down entirely.

Employee Retention Challenges

A cyber-attack can really affect your employees. It can undermine their confidence and spark a blame game, making the work atmosphere uncomfortable. Some employees may even feel guilty for letting clients down and decide to leave.

Recent Security Shifts Accountants Need to Know About

IRS Publication 4557 stands out as a recent update affecting accounting firms’ compliance with legal requirements and information security best practices. This publication outlines six key areas crucial for enhancing data security. Engaging a reliable managed services firm can assist in ensuring ongoing compliance and maintenance of these critical areas.

From updates in data protection laws to emerging threats like ransomware attacks and phishing scams, staying informed is essential to effectively safeguarding financial information and preserving client confidentiality. On that note, accountants should also consider other security protocols that are up-to-date and running such as firewall, anti-virus, and backup.

Anti-virus Protection

Even the most tech-savvy users can fall victim to malware, often unknowingly downloading it onto their computers. That’s why having reliable antivirus software, regularly updated and equipped to detect the latest threats automatically, is crucial. However, if you have a managed security service provider, you can rest assured that these updates are handled automatically, keeping your systems protected without any effort on your part.

By implementing the appropriate managed services protections, the burden of decision-making is lifted from individual users and entrusted to your managed services provider. This shift ensures that security measures are handled with expertise and care, allowing users to focus on their tasks with peace of mind.

Operational Firewall

Firewalls and antivirus programs serve distinct purposes. While a firewall manages access and controls how users interact with systems, antivirus software focuses on detecting and eliminating malicious threats. Think of a firewall as the gatekeeper, regulating access, while antivirus acts as the vigilant protector, scanning for and neutralizing potential dangers.

Most of the people tend to use the same password across multiple accounts. With two-factor authentication, it adds an extra layer of security even in such cases. Your managed services provider can easily configure 2FA for you. This ensures that even if someone gains unauthorized access to your password, your accounts remain protected.

Active Backup

Storing your files in the cloud offers an important layer of protection for your data. Take Active Drive, for instance, which automatically backs up your data every time a file is modified.

Think of backups as your safety net. Imagine someone accidentally clicking on a harmful link, resulting in a ransomware attack where the hacker gets access to your data and locks them until you pay a ransom. Therefore, a good cloud backup with a managed service provider will help you secure your digital data.

Benefits of Managed Security Services for Accountants

Managed security services offer numerous advantages, ensuring both peace of mind and enhanced protection.

Security Expertise and Insight

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) employ skilled professionals with cutting-edge technologies and strategies to deliver comprehensive, multi-layered security solutions. Top-tier MSSPs delve into in-depth research on emerging threats and build a threat intelligence network.

Round-the-clock Monitoring and Threat Detection

Having a Security Operations Center (SOC) providing real-time threat detection and monitoring is like having a vigilant guardian for your organization’s cybersecurity. Cyber-attacks don’t wait for office hours; they strike when least expected. The sooner an attack is detected, the better chance there is to minimize damage. That’s why round-the-clock monitoring is important.

MSSPs are equipped to respond promptly to threats. In case of a breach, they swiftly deploy remediation plans, offering security and peace of mind.

Automated Compliance

As regulations evolve and security technology advances, aligning both dynamic areas can be quite challenging. Managed security services offer ongoing monitoring for compliance with regulations like HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA, among others, providing a crucial bridge between evolving regulations and cutting-edge security solutions.

Risk and Vulnerability Analysis

Regular vulnerability assessment is a crucial step towards your security perimeter often overlooked. With managed security services, your network undergoes routine internal and external scans, providing an added layer of protection.

MSSP not only identifies potential vulnerabilities but also implements necessary configuration changes and strengthens patches across all assets, devices, and applications, all geared toward safeguarding your digital asset. These expert assessments offer practical insights to enhance cybersecurity and eliminate false alarms, helping to keep your digital defenses strong and reliable.


With the ever-changing nature of cyber threats, it is essential to have a robust cybersecurity plan in place for your firm. A well-crafted cybersecurity plan can protect your business from hackers, scams, and data loss, offering necessary defense against emerging threats. By taking proactive steps, you can safeguard your business assets and ensure business continuity.

Ace Cloud, as a Managed Security Service Provider, is a one-stop solution for all your cybersecurity needs and keeping your accounting firm protected! Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions offer multi-layered protection for your network in a cost-efficient model. By entrusting your cybersecurity needs to our expert team, you can optimize your in-house IT resources, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks while we handle the day-to-day monitoring.

Looking for a comprehensive strategy to fortify your cybersecurity defenses?

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