12 Industries Unlocking The Potential Of Hosted Virtual Desktops

The power of hosted virtual desktops is undeniable – they provide businesses with an unprecedented level of flexibility, convenience, and the ability to take their operations with them wherever they may go. 

Every industry has unique challenges related to data security, budget optimization, capital expenses, remote working, and BYOD policy. Where an accounting firm absolutely needs to secure customers’ data, on the other hand, a retail firm needs strong communication and collaboration. They need to traverse information and communicate with data quickly. 

But which industries in particular stand to benefit most from hosted virtual desktops? 

From healthcare providers to financial firms, many organizations across different sectors have realized just how powerful this technology can be when leveraged correctly. Hosted Virtual Desktop Infrastructure can meet the unique demands of different industries. HVD is a technology that enables the creation of virtual desktops on a server setup where the users can access these desktops from anywhere at any time. 

Causes of IT complexity

Let’s look at which industries benefit most from utilizing hosted virtual desktop technology and how it can help ensure a successful business venture. 

 Industries Rapidly Embracing Hosted Virtual Desktops 

Today’s business dynamics allow businesses to expand beyond conventional office models and increase their reach in unimaginable ways. With hosted virtual desktops, these possibilities become even more real as many industries now have access to improved operations, better customer experiences, and increased overall efficiency – no matter where they are located. 

Here are the top industries that can benefit from a hosted VDI solution: 

  • Accounting and Finance 

Accountants can share, communicate, and collaborate through hosted VDI! 

Hosted desktops offer accountants, bookkeepers, and tax experts to constantly have their accounting application and data available to them. Hosted desktops for accounting provide remote access to industry-specific accounting software and data, enabling accountants in the finance industry to work from anywhere with secure and reliable access to their client’s financial information. Every file pertaining to a certain client will be on the cloud, and every professional working on this file can access a digital copy.   

Apart from solid communication and ease of security, hosted VDI improves your compliance structure. Your employees would work in compliance with HIPAA and PCI regulations regardless of the device they are using. 

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  • ITeS 

With the sudden shift to remote work, the ITeS industry needs help managing and updating employees’ personal computers. This has increased demand for fully hosted virtual desktop services within the IT/ITES industry. 

A reputable DaaS provider offers comprehensive management of virtual desktops, including support, migration, and security. They also provide regular software updates, on-demand scaling, and desktop pooling, allowing employees to focus on their work without worrying about desktop support. Additionally, employees can access their desktops from multiple devices, ensuring continuity of work in case of device malfunction 

  • Healthcare 

Is the safety of your patient’s sensitive information a constant concern for the healthcare facility? Are regulatory updates causing headaches for the team?  

Healthcare and Finance industries are the most popular targets among hackers at 15% and 10%, respectively. According to healthcare cybersecurity stats for 2022, the healthcare sector alone lost $25 billion in the last two years. 

In the healthcare sector, data confidentiality is the topmost concern. Each organization in this sector needs to be HIPAA compliant, which means no customer file can go out of the organization without permission. 

Uses in Healthcare industry

With hosted VDI for healthcare, admins can control access, grant permissions, and encrypt data files (at rest or in transmission). Every medical professional can check the details they are allowed to access. Besides this, everything is masked from authorized access with the help of internal firewalls. 

  •  BPO 

As the BPO industry continues to surge in remote work, companies face unique challenges, such as maintaining client expectations and budget constraints, ensuring data security across devices, managing busy schedules, and delivering exceptional customer experiences.   

One of the biggest challenges BPOs face is providing contract employees with licenses, custom policies, and PC systems to meet seasonal demand. Hosted desktops for BPO offer a solution looking to expand their offerings.  

With cloud-based desktops, resources can be accessed on-demand over the network. We provide fully managed cloud-based desktops that eliminate the need for in-house IT infrastructure, reduce expenses, and increase customer trust in security and compliance. Our hosted desktop infrastructure streamlines deployment, allowing for quick and easy desktop setup in minutes. This enables BPOs to quickly set up new agents, regardless of whether they work remotely or in a company office. 

  • Manufacturing 

In any manufacturing firm, several employees work in shifts. This huge workforce can benefit a lot from virtual desktops and hosted VDIs. Even with a few virtual desktops, the IT costs will immediately go down, and productivity will increase. Employees who need to check data or details on the computer can use their personal devices. This way, the number of devices required would decrease, and thus the hardware upgrade costs would greatly reduce. 

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  • Education 

One of the primary reasons for using hosted VDI for the education industry is the Bring your own device (BYOD) policy. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many students are still been studying from home. While it’s feasible for students, it could be better for educators. Poor internet connections, data sharing, and class assignments – everything is a hassle. 

With hosted VDI, the education industry can mitigate these issues and offer a singular environment to every student. Educators can simply update data and make educational material available to all without any challenges. The admin or IT team can remotely achieve OS options, security patches, and other software changes. 

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  •  Legal 

As a lawyer, you can understand how your work occurs outside your office premises, generally at your client’s location, home, or court. However, location shouldn’t be a barrier when you need to access all the client’s documents securely.  

Any business in the legal industry goes through challenges like dynamic demands, large documents, sensitive data, etc. But traditional systems can only increase your pain by increasing security, upgrades, and disaster management efforts. From securing customers’ PII to managing storage, everything requires time and money – a lot of money. 

Hosted VDI solutions in the legal industry can host business-critical apps, improve storage management, and make remote access a cakewalk. 

  •  Insurance 

The insurance sector is essential for the economy of every country. However, this industry often comes face-to-face with challenges, such as changing user base, dynamic changes, policy modifications, legal requirements, and legacy data management. 

Needless to say, this industry needs a solution that can cater to its changing requirements. Hosted VDI can help contractors, managers, and agents to communicate and access data from anywhere. They can use personal devices and reduce office desktop dependency to a great extent. 

Further, in hosted VDI, the providers seamlessly manage everything from resource scaling to security management. You just need a high-performing hosting provider to streamline installation, management, and support. 

  •  Retail 

The retail industry is one of those sectors that don’t get a holiday season. Customers from across the globe always look forward to faster checkouts, quick deliveries, and minimum expenses. As a result, the industry is trying to improve productivity, optimize time, and mitigate overheads. 

Hosted VDI for the retail industry with virtual working, improving security and communication. The ability to collaborate quickly from anywhere without worrying about secure access also enhances productivity. Further, data security, backup, and disaster recovery reduce the hassle of the IT team, improving business efficiency. 

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  • Supply Chain

The entire supply chain sector has gone through a shift in rethinking its digital transformation in the business ecosystem to stay ahead in the race. Navigating and responding to uncertainties like the pandemic crisis requires new strategies and work models, and the use of technology and innovations in a more agile way drives the supply-chain industry toward digital transformation in order to adapt to the changes that are coming. 

Hosted virtual desktops enable companies to align with their IT plans, thus, ensuring a smooth transition. Hosted VDI for supply chain provides supply chain professionals with a high-performance computing experience and remote access to applications, files, and settings from any device with internet access.  

This enables them to manage and track inventory, shipments, and logistics and collaborate with team members remotely. Additionally, hosted desktops also provide increased security, as the data is stored on remote servers rather than on the user’s personal device. This type of setup is crucial for the supply chain industry as it allows them to work on projects remotely and also provides increased security for the sensitive data of the supply chain. Adopting hosted desktops helps businesses mitigate risks and optimize costs, benefitting the entire sub-segment. 

  •  Fintech 

The fintech industry heavily relies on data security and compliance, and hosted desktop solutions provide an added layer of protection for sensitive financial data. The fintech industry embraces Hosted Desktop solutions, using advanced digital technology infrastructure to create state-of-the-art solutions and pave the way for a more adaptable and better future.  

Uses in Fintech Industry

Hosted desktops provide finance professionals with a high-performance computing experience and remote access to applications, files, and settings from any device with internet access.  

Hosted VDI for Fintech enables them to access financial data, process transactions, and collaborate with team members remotely. Additionally, hosted desktops also provide increased security, as the data is stored on remote servers rather than on the user’s personal device. This hosted desktop infrastructure allows them to work remotely and also provides compliance with regulations such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

  •  Data Science And Analytics 

The Data Science industry, which involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large datasets, is increasingly adopting hosted desktop solutions. This enables data scientists and machine learning engineers to access powerful computing resources remotely and perform complex data analysis and machine learning tasks, such as training deep learning models, without the need for expensive on-premise hardware.  

Hosted VDI for data science and analytics also provides increased security, as the data is stored on remote servers rather than on the user’s personal device. Data science professionals can leverage compliance with regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) while handling sensitive data. By leveraging the power of hosted desktops, Machine Learning teams improve their ability to extract insights and value from large datasets, leading to better decision-making and innovation. 

  •  Aviation 

Hosted VDI for the aviation industry allows for better coordination and communication among all parties involved, including aircrew, pilots, ground crew, and caterers. For example, onboard personnel can immediately access updated flight schedules; pilots can receive real-time flight data on their personal devices. Refueling and delivery operations can be optimized for efficiency. Passengers can also benefit from the use of hosted desktop solutions through enhanced infotainment options and streamlined in-flight meal ordering. 

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All in all, no doubt hosted desktops are revolutionizing the way businesses handle their processes.  

From the BPO industry to healthcare to aviation, hosted desktop infrastructure offers an immense level of expertise to organizations that would be impossible with just physical servers. What’s more, IT and data science departments alike can reap great benefits from these as well.  

The world could stand to benefit from this incredible technology, so why not take advantage of its potential?  

Start now by giving this innovative tool a try today – get a demo or contact our consultants for more information. You’ll be amazed at how much it can help streamline your operations across all industries much faster than expected! 

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