In every industry, there are unique challenges related to data security, budget optimization, capital expenses, remote working, and BYOD policy. Where an accounting firm absolutely needs to secure customers’ data, on the other hand, a retail firm needs strong communication and collaboration. They need to traverse information and communicate with data quickly.

Fortunately, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has the capability to meet the unique demands of different industries. VDI is a technology that enables the creation of virtual desktops on a server setup. The users can access these desktops from anywhere at any time.

Which Industries Benefit The Most From Hosted VDI?

You can opt for hosted VDI solutions from a service provider, so you don’t have to deploy it on the premises. From security to cost management, hosted VDI addresses your challenges and makes your work simpler.

Industries That Can Benefits From Hosted VDI

Whether you need to consistently scale/descale your resources, meet compliance requirements, or recover during a disaster, hosted VDI is your solution.

Check the list of industries that can benefit from a hosted VDI solution:

1. Accounting and Finance

Accountants, bookkeepers, and tax experts can utilize virtual desktops to have their accounting application and data available with them always. Every file pertaining to a certain client will be on the cloud, and every professional working on this file would be able to access a digital copy. Share, communicate, and collaborate through hosted VDI.

Apart from strong communication and ease of security, hosted VDI improves your compliance structure. Your employees would work in compliance with HIPAA and PCI regulations regardless of the device they are using.

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2. Healthcare

In the healthcare sector, data confidentiality is the topmost concern. Each organization in this sector needs to be HIPAA compliant, which means no customer file can go out of the organization without permission.

With hosted VDI, admins can control access, grant permissions, and encrypt data files (at rest or in transmission). Every medical professional would be able to check the details they are allowed to access. Other than this, everything is masked from authorized access with the help of internal firewalls.

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3. Manufacturing

In any manufacturing firm, several employees work in shifts. This huge workforce can benefit a lot from virtual desktops and hosted VDIs. Even with a few virtual desktops, the IT costs will immediately go down, and productivity will increase. Any employee who needs to check data or details on the computer can use their personal device. In this way, the number of devices needed would go down, and the hardware upgrade costs would be reduced greatly.

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4. Education

One of the major reasons for using hosted VDI in the education industry is the BYOD policy. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many, many students are still studying from home. While it’s feasible for students, the situation is worse for educators. Poor internet connections, data sharing, and class assignments – everything is a hassle.

With hosted VDI, the education industry can mitigate these issues and offer a singular environment to every student. Educators can simply update data and make educational material available to all without any challenge.

The OS options, security patches, and other software changes can be achieved remotely by the admin or IT team.

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5. Legal

Any business in the legal industry goes through challenges like dynamic demands, large documents, sensitive data, etc. But, traditional systems can only increase your pain by increasing the efforts for security, upgrades, and disaster management. From securing customers’ PII to managing storage, everything requires time and money – a lot of money.

Hosted VDI solutions in the legal industry can host business-critical apps, improve storage management, and make remote access a cakewalk.

6. Insurance

The insurance sector is important for the economy of every country. However, this industry often comes face-to-face with challenges, such as changing user base, dynamic changes, policy modifications, legal requirements, and legacy data management.

Needless to say, this industry needs a solution that can cater to its changing requirements. Hosted VDI can help contractors, managers, and agents to communicate and access data from anywhere. They can use personal devices and reduce office desktop dependency to a great extent.

Further,  in hosted VDI, everything is seamlessly managed by the providers from resource scaling to security management. You just need a high-performing hosting provider to streamline installation, management, and support.
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7. Retail

The retail industry is one of those sectors that don’t get a holiday season. Customers from across the globe always look forward to faster checkouts, quick deliveries, and minimum expenses. As a result, the industry itself is trying to improve productivity, optimize time, and mitigate overheads.

Hosted VDI solutions can help the retail industry with virtual working, improve security and communication. The ability to collaborate quickly from anywhere without worrying about secure access also improves productivity. Further, data security, backup, and disaster recovery reduce the hassle of the IT team, improving business efficiency.

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Here’s a summary of how every industry can benefit from a hosted VDI solution. Have a look:

Accounting · Advanced security with 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.3· Antivirus and IDPS support

· IT resource management with the upgrade, application installation, etc.

· 99.999% uptime

· Lower capital expenses

Healthcare · Remote access to data

· Security for Protected Health Information

· Lower IT management costs

· 24/7 support via call, email, or chat

Manufacturing · Expense management

· Better availability and accessibility

· Advanced security with 256-bit encryption, IDPS, and TLS 1.3

· 24/7 support via call, email, or chat

Education · Remote access

· Budget optimization

· Centralized management of data and apps

· Improved security with 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.3

Legal · Remote access

· Advanced security with 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.3

· Simpler scaling of resources, such as RAM and storage

· High-performance computing with SSDs

Insurance · Agent mobility

· Lower capital expenses

· No IT hassles

· Security of PII

· Business continuity and disaster recovery

Retail · Better visibility into operations

· Third-party apps on-demand

· Remote access

· Data security and disaster recovery

· Cost optimization

· Managed IT solution


Before deciding on your hosted VDI solution, consider that not every solution is equal. Every industry can’t utilize an out-of-the-box VDI solution.

Hence, look for a provider that can help you customize a bit according to your industry. Many VDI hosting providers also have pre-designed solutions for the industry. So, do a quick search on the Internet for a converting and growth-oriented decision.

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