Modern Workspace: How Hybrid DaaS Model Is the Best Approach For Today’s Work?

While there’s no going back to an earlier style of working that only had office presence for employees to be productive and efficient, the majority of enterprises are contemplating how the security of Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) can prove to be a return on investment for them. 

The back-to-office trend is making a comeback, but it doesn’t seem to take away the security struggles of the workforce when cybercrime has reached another level. 

According to IBM, the share of IT spending on hybrid cloud will increase from 42% to 49% by the end of 2023. This includes the organizations settling into the rhythm of working, some from the office and others from home. This will prepare firms for a scenario where they can juggle between office work, remote work, and hybrid culture. 

Let’s look at what the future of hybrid DaaS holds for the business in the post-pandemic year and how a company can support its models better. 

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 From “Sustaining the Talent” During the Pandemic to “Expanding the Talent” with Security 

Digital adoption has become a survival kit for almost every enterprise. CIOs and CTOs need to use cloud infrastructure to drive digital transformation strategies. The mandate of security not only leads to business transformation but also ensures that businesses are ready to face any further breakout in the future. 

In these past few years, enterprises have acquired a mature understanding of how DaaS paves the way for cloud-first strategy. 

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Enterprises of all sizes are considering cloud-based virtual desktops before any other and migrating more workloads to the cloud. Today, enterprises have understood that the cloud doesn’t mean only low-cost equipment but a rhythm of innovation and security, which are always the biggest priorities of a business model. Moreover, the business continuity it brings in the long term.  

 Supporting the Workplace of the Future 

Though folks are back in the office, a large number of the employees are still operating in the hybrid model. However, hybrid work is so deep-rooted in the system now that DaaS indeed acts as its right hand to enhance the work experience for every employee, whether entirely in the office, fully remote, or hybrid culture. 

The DaaS technology influences leaders’ IT and networking decisions to leverage various digital transformation technologies — AI, analytics, Graphics processing, managed security, and disaster recovery technologies — all integrated into one solution as a desktop as a service. 

For businesses looking to optimize the user experience in hybrid work environments, five key ways to bridge the gap between business continuity and digital transformation include the following: 

 1. You get the power to guard intellectual company data  

Cybersecurity and cloud computing plays an essential role in digital transformation in every industry, be it software, IT, networking, or healthcare. Therefore, it must be continually modernized to preserve security and privacy while enabling enterprises to scale as the demand increases. 

Ace’s DaaS has multiple TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 controls that suit every industry’s regulatory requirement, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC-1, and SOC-2 compliance. Every session is logged and recorded to ensure that the environment is high-end compliant and secure. 

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 2. Employee experience equals productivity 

Digital experience has reached that stage when retaining the right talent surely means offering them an experience that keeps them motivated. The digital savvy talent needs innovation to meet their efficiency levels and fulfill gaps. 

Ace’s desktops are designed to enhance performance for CPU-intensive workloads, keeping security in check. This platform gives enterprises an infrastructure that can be deployed quickly as per different user bases. 

Picture 2 hybrid daas

For instance: For architecture and engineering industries, the cloud virtual desktops can be customized to perform well on graphics and compute-intensive applications such as AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Civil 3D, SolidWorks, Bentley Microstation, and ArcGIS so that the employees can work from anywhere. 

3. Employee collaboration drives hybrid work 

Collaboration takes place best when employees are connected to the data, applications, and colleagues, regardless of where they work and on which device they perform. With ACE, their efficiency remains intact when employees can get access to the communication applications such as MS Teams, Gmail, Skype, and more. 

 4. Reducing hardware constraints with extended lifecycle 

Cloud-based desktops and infrastructure is generally delivered on any existing hardware, making it possible to extend the device lifecycle. This can reduce the enterprise’s impact related to hardware refresh and also offer employees the flexibility to work on their own devices, saving the wear and tear of devices. 

 Ace’s DaaS Industry-Specific Solutions for Hybrid Workforce 

With Ace’s cloud-based DaaS platform for the hybrid workforce, enterprises can position themselves for long-term success with their digital transformation initiatives.  

Ace can support your enterprise where it is. Anticipating hyper-level growth? Need more resources? Looking for security? 

We are here to scale your security and infrastructure at any rate you need via the cloud without additional hardware expenses. 

This is not it; our experts are there for you at any hour of the day, with pre-sales, project implementation, and post-implementation & ongoing support. 

Migrate your critical data, applications, desktops, and other resources to the cloud, and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. And that comes with the flexibility your employees need to perform their best at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Contact our experts to know more about the Ace desktop as a service. 

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