Last updated on January 18th, 2023

Cloud technology is changing the way businesses operate. One of the latest spin off of cloud technology is Hosted PBX. The technology has made it easier for SMBs as well as large enterprises to have a sophisticated telephone system, without investing much.

What Does Hosted PBX Mean?

Hosted PBX is a Private Branch Exchange phone system which is delivered as a hosted service. In simple terms, it is a service where the PBX features and the call platform are hosted at service provider location. The business end users connect to the provider via IP for the voice service.

This technology helps SMBs to implement a sophisticated telephone system by not investing into the telephone equipment. The complete business phone system is maintained and operated by Voice-over-IP (VOIP) service provider.

The hosted PBX firms handle call switching or routing at their own site and also manage all the PBX software and equipment involved in the virtual PBX service.

Hosted Communications – Why Your Business Needs Hosted PBX

Key Benefits of a Hosted PBX

Some of the key advantages of implementing a Hosted PBX are:

1. Low Capital requirement

It eliminates the use of expensive on-site hardware. As compared to the traditional phone system, hosted PBX requires less up-front investment on the purchase of office telephone system.

2. Advanced Calling features

Numerous benefits in hosted PBX include features like voicemail to e-mail, auto attendant, company directory music on hold, voice messaging, and remote call management.

3. Geographical Feasibility

It gives the employees flexibility to work from anywhere when the office phone system is virtual. Employees can productively work from home, other offices, mobile phones, and even when overseas.

4. Rapid Setup

A hosted PBX technology can have a swift setup compared to the traditional telephone systems.

5. Scalability

A hosted PBX solution allows the business owners to select the features and services on- demand.

6. Local Presence

Hosted PBX system allows one to get local virtual numbers in the cities without the physical presence of the person in that city. It thus allows one to create a virtual presence or establish a virtual office.

7. Consistent Platform

One can efficiently be connected to multiple locations, remote and mobile workers consolidated into a single rich platform.

8. Enhanced Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the PBX host is very superior in comparison to the traditional phone system infrastructure. This results in enhanced efficiency and productivity.

9. Flexible security and monitoring

A hosted PBX is commendable when it comes to the security issue. The extension owner has all the permissions to monitor from their computer screen, lock or passwords protect the whole service when required.

Which Equipment or Service Can Be Used?

1. Usage of Mobile phones

The companies that have the employees who need to work on fields or sites most of the time and prefer receiving calls in their mobile telephones, can have this done through Hosted PBX Services, which can be forwarded to the cell phones and also can send the caller a voicemail or even transfer to other extensions.

2. Use voice-over-IP

Some Hosted PBX services are collaborated with the VoIP service. This actually eliminates the need of having a telephone line with the local telephone carrier for making and receiving calls.

3. Keep the Existing Landlines

The existing telephone lines can be kept active and the calls can be forwarded from the Hosted PBX service to these telephone lines. But, this may not be feasible as one will have to pay for both the hosted PBX and also the telephone lines as well.

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