Desktop as a Service: Debunking Myths

The virtualization of desktops is one of the fastest-growing trends. Desktop as a service is the technology that empowers enterprises to migrate VDI workloads to the cloud. Not only does it deliver remote access to the users, but it also allows multiple users to work securely in a dedicated space. In addition to multi-user compatibility, it saves an enormous amount of money on new hardware. As an authorized Citrix partner, Ace Cloud Hosting has delivered secure, scalable, and cost-effective virtual desktop solutions, giving remote access to the business. 

These are a few questions that businesses had while going for remote working. 

1. Does the solution guarantee employee productivity? 
2. Does it offer the same user experience from any location — whether accessing enterprise applications in a remote environment or from the office?  

The solution to these queries, in many cases, lies in the adoption of managed virtual desktops.  

But you will find some misconceptions rolling out about DaaS. Some myths are derived from the old technologies, whereas the others are from a lack of understanding. Some of them are below


Ultimately, DaaS is about gaining business mobility along with ensuring security. The support team that CARES (Customer-centric, available, responsive, enthusiastic and sociable) with ACE— gives you an extended hand to maintain business continuity — promotes better collaboration.  

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On the weekend, you will find her hanging out with her family or surfing around the North Shore of Oahu.

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