6 Benefits Of Managed SIEM Services For Your Growing Business

It’s time to modernize your network visibility and threat detection tool. The new wave of managed SIEM solutions has made sophisticated threat detection accessible to small and medium businesses. So, how does modern SIEM add value to your growing business? We answer this fundamental question by explaining seven benefits of managed SIEM that will indeed have you searching for the best managed SIEM provider next.


Managed SIEM

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology has been around since the mid-2000s and has undergone a drastic transformation. A challenging threat landscape and unprecedented network expansion have made “legacy” SIEM solutions redundant today.

Secure Your Organisation From Cyberattacks With Managed SIEM

Next-generation SIEM solutions incorporate User and Entity Behavior Analysis (UEBA), AI-powered automation, and machine learning capabilities. They have been created keeping in mind the dynamic threat landscape and the wide variety of security systems that need to be integrated.

Managed SIEM, the new-age alternative to on-premises SIEM deployment, is ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses with limited internal capabilities and security-related resource constraints. Third-party service providers host the SIEM tool in their servers and undertake complete responsibility for managing, monitoring, and maintaining the solution.

6 Benefits of Managed SIEM:

Let’s take a look at some of the most crucial benefits of SIEM.

1. Detect Unknown Hidden Threats

The rapid advancement of the cybersecurity threat landscape is an alarming concern for organizations. By the time security teams become familiar with a threat and set up defenses against it, it becomes obsolete, and a deadlier threat crops up in its place. Organizations need a security solution to identify and respond to known and emerging threats.

Managed SIEM solutions are integrated with threat feeds worldwide to stay updated on the latest attack tactics. Threats like insider compromise or privileged access abuse are very hard to detect as they lack malware signatures. User and entity behavior analysis capabilities ensure signature-less threats are detected without delay.

Managed SIEM surpasses basic event detection and enters the arena of threat prevention. Although SIEM cannot directly block an attack in progress, it can direct other integrated solutions, like firewalls or IPS, to block the malicious agent.

2. Streamline Compliance Management

Simplifying compliance management is the most attractive feature of SIEM solutions. Every business, irrespective of size, industry, or operations, has some compliances it needs to follow. It is especially true for companies that deal with customer data, personally identifiable information, financial data, payment, and purchase data, or healthcare information.

Managed SIEM providers unburden your internal resources by automating compliance reporting. SIEM tools collect, normalize, and centralize data from all over the network. Gathering all essential data on one platform makes the information needed for compliance audits readily available. SIEMs also customize data reports according to audit report protocols.

Managed SIEM comes in-built with standard compliance templates like HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and SOX.

3. Ease of Deployment and Flexibility

In-house SIEM deployment can take up to months. It requires hardware, software, and infrastructure elements to work together. The SIEM system must then be integrated with all other network devices, applications, and solutions. Integration with threat intelligence feeds follows. And it’s not like the implementation process is over once these tasks end. Setting up SIEM use cases and customizing policies and alerts is also arduous.

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Managed SIEM significantly eases the deployment process. The providers have established onboarding processes that enable quick and painless deployment. As you don’t have to worry about procuring the proper hardware, software, and infrastructure tools, it’s a hassle-free process. You can depend on the managed SIEM provider for seamless integration and optimization of all use case policies.

4. Minimal Cost of Ownership

SIEM solutions were inaccessible to SMEs for the longest time because of the prohibitively high price cost. SIEM solutions need hardware, software, licenses, and an elaborate infrastructure when being deployed. In-house or on-premises deployment is out-of-range for most growing businesses.

With Managed SIEM, the client is faced with zero cost of ownership. The managed SIEM provider owns the entire infrastructure. As the upfront capital investment with managed SIEM is non-existent, SMEs are less hesitant to commit to SIEM cybersecurity. Companies get the same security optimization with an in-house SIEM solution but at a fraction of the cost and without commitment.

5. Expand Security Team with Specialized talent

A SIEM solution needs an entire team of threat analysts, responders, and engineers to get the most out of it. But the cybersecurity skills gap has remained persistent for over five years now. There aren’t enough skilled professionals in the market currently to match the sky-high demand. The professional cybersecurity experts available are taken by big-budget MNCs, as they offer lucrative packages that smaller companies cannot match. Companies looking to hire cybersecurity professionals for their in-house teams face an uphill battle in this environment.

By partnering with a Managed SIEM provider, organizations can leverage the full force of third-party qualified and experienced professionals. SIEM tools also have a steep learning curve mitigated by the managed provider’s skilled expertise. In the long run, your internal team’s skills and capabilities get enhanced by closely working with the global talent pool of managed SIEM providers.

6. Round-the-Clock Security

Cyberattacks can occur at any time, especially during off-business hours. Monitoring an elaborate network requires extensive resources with high bandwidth and special skills.

Managed SIEM detects real-time threats in your network due to 24/7 monitoring and on-the-spot threat analysis. A dedicated security operations center (SOC) ensures your organization’s network is protected even when your team is off-duty.

Do You Need Managed SIEM?

Every modern organization with an extensive network needs a SIEM solution. You cannot find the benefits of automation, real-time data aggregation, and network visibility with any other tool. But do you need managed SIEM?

Ask yourself three questions:

  • Is your current security team capable of managing an in-house SIEM? Do they have the skills, resources, and enough personnel for round-the-clock monitoring and SIEM optimization activities?
  • Do you have the time required to deploy an on-premises SIEM solution? In-house SIEM deployment has a low time to value output. It takes months to plan the architecture, design, implement, and optimize a SIEM solution.
  • How big is your budget? SIEM can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. A low-cost solution will not give you the benefits you need.

If the answer to any of these questions is negative, you need a managed SIEM solution.

ACE Managed SIEM is powerful, fully managed security solution that goes the extra mile to empower your organization’s security posture. Your network environment is secured with 24/7 monitoring and MITRE ATT&CK mapped forensic analysis. Receive all network security intelligence, actionable sights, and remediation plans on a centralized high-powered dashboard – that you can customize as per your needs!

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