Actionable Insights On Gaining More Clients
And Maximizing Client Retention For CPAs


What can you do to improve the customer retention with the accounting and tax services that you offer?

This whitepaper discusses how accounting firms can change their strategy with marketing and operation execution concerning the tax season to gain optimum profit. The perspective of accounting professionals, tax preparers, and accounting firms has been taken into account in preparations of the whitepaper.

Practices to be followed with marketing and operations departments at an accounting firm should vary at different durations of tax season. This whitepaper document explains the steps that an accounting firm or professional can deploy to not only escalate the standard of the services but also to attract a greater number of clients and beat the competition.

The content of the whitepaper is:


Before & During the Tax Season

Marketing To Attract Maximum Clients Before/During Tax Season

  • Get a Plan and Define Some Targets (Achievable Ones)
  • Structurize Sales Tactics
  • Improving Retention With Existing Client-base
  • In-person Activities
  • Digital Marketing

Executing Operations During the Tax Season

  • Get Organized and Pull Up the Socks
  • Keep Client in Loop of Operations
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Technology Solutions for Enhanced Productivity
  • Backup every bit ASAP

Improving Retention After Tax Season

Marketing Efforts to Improve Retention Rate After Tax Season

  • Appreciate the Client
  • Talk About Your Performance
  • Renovate Plans & Services for Existing Clients
  • Stay Connected

Executing Operations for Better Customer Retention

  • Gain Expertise with New Practices
  • Do Not Limit Yourself to Accounting Services
  • Study customer Feedback and Work on Them
  • Workout on the Tech Innovations That Matter for You


The whitepaper includes studies and surveys from various renowned experts, such as – IRS, Capterra, and Bain & Company among others to entertain the modern-day marketing challenges with relevant and factually-backed solutions.


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