Business Continuity For Finance
And Accounts Department


Why It Matters and How to Establish a Business Continuity Plan for Disaster Preparation and Recovery?

Finance and Accounts department form the mainstay of any business. Their shift to the technologies, such as – networks, dedicated software, and cloud computing, has given them more power and purpose. Various technologies come together to automate process and that too with least chances of errors. However, because of the enormous dependency on technology, any disruption can upset the operations of these departments and even the business.

Business continuity plan considers the possibilities (which could be human-made or natural) that can disturb the operations along with a strategy to mitigate their effects.

This whitepaper gives a practical layout of how a firm (of any size or industry) can deploy a business continuity plan for their Finance and Accounts department. The whitepaper’s contents are:

  1. Introduction to Business Continuity
  2. Criticality of Departmental Processes and Need for Continuity
  3. Steps to Deploy Business Continuity Plan:
    1. Identify the types and severity of risks
    2. Define how these risks affect processes of the department
    3. Formulate and deploy methods to mitigate these risks
    4. Continuous review and improvement for continuous performance
  4. Role of cloud in Business Continuity
  5. Standards to Consider with Business Continuity Plan


The whitepaper considers that some processes cannot hold the disruption of even an hour while some others do not impact even after days of unavailability. It lists the examples specific to Finance and Accounts departments to explain the criticality of the risks and then to implement a plan to maintain the uninterrupted services.

This whitepaper also lays out solutions for the businesses that are unable to invest time and expenses in developing an in-house continuity plan for Accounts and Finance departments. Going with a cloud service provider that guarantees business continuity can be an affordable and effective option.

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