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Customizable Horizon Desktops With ACE’s Fully Managed Service

VMware Horizon 7 is a versatile desktop solution that enables the creation of virtual desktops, eliminating the need for physical desktops in the office. The virtual desktops can be accessed on internet-connected devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets by installing the Horizon 7 client. You can publish an application to the end-user’s client or provide access to an entire virtual desktop. Access and data policies can be implemented to prevent any unauthorized activity.
Ace Cloud Hosting offers a fully managed virtual desktop solution created on VMware Horizon 7 platform. We will be responsible for desktop deployment, scaling, and configuration, as well as its security including Windows patching and antivirus updates.
You can provide us with the desktop and application requirements as per different departments, and we will design the desktop pools for you. With our scalable cloud environment, you can add or remove users and desktops anytime you want.

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Multi-Platform Access

Multi-Platform Access

With conventional office desktops, business-specific applications are restricted to a single platform – you cannot run a Windows-based application on a MacBook or iPhone.

The VMware Horizon enables you to get access to any Windows-based application on multiple platforms, including browser, Android, iOS, and macOS. All you need to do is install the VMware Horizon client software on your end-point device.

Dedicated Customer Support

With Ace Cloud Hosting’s customer support team, all your issues and requests are tended to in SLA-backed response time.

We deploy a team of skilled certified professionals that are available for you round the clock, even on holidays and weekends. You can get in touch through call, chat, or email regarding any challenges faced while working on the desktops.

Dedicated Customer Support
Superior End-User Experience

Superior End-User Experience

VMware’s Horizon offers a range of end-user solutions suited to diverse needs. You can get access to your preferred application or an entire virtual desktop (persistent or non-persistent) as per your requirement.

We deploy Horizon desktops on our High-Performance Computing cloud environment, ensuring that even the most resource-intensive applications run on your end-point device without any performance issues.

Complete Desktop Management Solution

The Horizon 7 managed desktop solution from Ace Cloud Hosting is a fully managed service, where we take care of everything from desktop infrastructure design, implementation, and migration, as well as application integration and endpoint management. The desktop infrastructure is monitored regularly for any unusual behavior.

Moreover, if you want additional users or applications for your office, we can provide the same for you within minutes.

Complete Desktop Management Solution

Why Ace Cloud Hosting?

Enterprise-grade Security

We ensure complete data and app security with advanced security safeguards and best practices at multiple levels.

Custom Solutions

We will design the desktop solution tailor-made to your office needs with department-wise desktop pooling.

30-Day Backup

With our automated backup solutions, your data backup is taken on a daily basis for 30 days at no additional cost.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

We replicate your desktops in multiple data centers so you can continue working even in the case of disasters.

99.99% Uptime

We guarantee an SLA-backed uptime of 99.99% to ensure that the virtual desktops are always available on the endpoint devices.

Pay-as-you-use Pricing

Choose from our monthly or annual pricing plans and pay only for the desktop resources you use.

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