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The education industry understands that potential students can reside anywhere around the world, and they might not have access to the educator’s physical guidance from that location. Therefore, it is time to transform the conventional teaching methods with modern-day solutions and increase the outreach of institutes.
With Ace Cloud Hosting’s fully managed DaaS solution, you get a virtual desktop solution that facilitates remote learning for the students and teaching staff. We will take care of all the backend processes, so you don’t have to worry about desktop provisioning, management, end-user support, software upgrades, or system storage.
Get a virtualized desktop to house all your applications and assignments safeguarded with bank-level security.

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    Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Anytime, Anywhere Access

    With the need to bridge the physical gap between students and teachers becoming more and more crucial, various educational institutes have opened up to the option of distance learning. However, geographical barriers often make it an impossible task to achieve.

    ACE’s DaaS solutions offer a virtual desktop for every student and teaching staff to access classes from any remote location. Teachers can conduct online classes, check assignments, take exams, grade papers, and more from their personal devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Also, students get an uninterrupted learning experience at any time from any device.

    Reduced Expenses

    Setting up and maintaining physical desktops and devices for students and faculty can be tedious for each academic year. Moreover, regular updates and fluctuating demands incur budgetary challenges to the education industry.

    With Ace Cloud Hosting’s DaaS, you get a low-cost solution. With hosted virtual desktops, there is no need to invest your money in procuring costly desktop computers as we will take care of all your needs from deployment to regular updates of each desktop. You also benefit from pay-as-you-go plans so that you only pay as per the resource usage.

    Reduced Expenses
    Centralized Desktop Management

    Centralized Desktop Management

    Students in various disciplines require different desktop specifications. Implementing these configurations on each system can take a lot of time. Moreover, monitoring everyday student activities is also difficult for administrators.

    We provide fully managed hosted VDI services wherein we configure virtual desktops as per the requirements of students and educators. All you need to do is specify the configurations for different departments. You can also add or remove any number of users, RAM, or storage space from the system whenever you want.

    Enhanced Security

    A data breach can compromise with the confidentiality of students’ information. The hackers frequently target birth certificates, social security numbers, research papers, and more from educational databases.

    With our DaaS solutions, you can keep all the security concerns at bay. We implement various security standards at multiple levels of the system, including TLS 1.3 and end-to-end encryption, multiple firewalls, authorization system, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS), OS hardening, antivirus updates, and more.

    Enhanced Security

    Why Choose ACE?

    On-Demand Scalability

    Upscale or downscale hosted VDI resources like the number of users, RAM, or storage space as per the requirements.

    Minimize Cost

    Shift your Capex to Opex with our monthly or yearly subscription model to save fixed business cost.

    Always-on Support

    Get round-the-clock support from our VDI experts via call, chat, or email to troubleshoot any IT-related issues.

    High-Performance Computing

    Work on multiple assignments, projects, and applications with superior graphics on SSD-based high-performance desktops.

    30-Day Backup

    Get automated 30-day rolling backup that can be retrieved and accessed at any time from our always available data servers.

    99.99% Uptime

    An SLA-backed uptime guarantee of 99.99% means that you can work on your virtual desktops at any time.

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    Check out the latest trends, advancements, and news on DaaS for the education industry to get a competitive edge in the market.


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