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Receiving Error – 12,0 While Opening Company File

So you’re getting an error – 12,0 while opening the company file and QuickBooks is asking you for the administrator permission.

Noteworthy Points –

1) Make sure the user attempting to open the file has Administrative rights

2) The Quickbooks service is stopped.

Solution –

1) Check the Quickbooks version.

Check QuickBooks verison

  • Suppose the customer is accessing Quicbooks 13.0, the service would be QBDataserviceuser23.0
  • Go to Services.msc and check if the service mentioned above is stopped or in running state.
  • Run > Services.msc > QBDataserviceuser23


  • Right click on QBDataserviceuser23 and go to properties, and start the service if it is stopped.


  • Retry opening the company file and if the issue persists, try the next steps.

2) Check the permissions on the folder which contains that company file.

  • Right click on Client Data > Properties > click Security tab > check if the user has the permission to access the file or not.

client data properties

  • Supposedly, if the user doesn’t have permission to access the folder, give him the necessary permission and retry opening the company file.