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How to Setup Local Printer Redirection on ACE Server?

Users can encounter problems like the remote desktop printer redirection is not functioning or the printer is not displayed in Remote Desktop Session. Let’s look at how you can troubleshoot the issue by altering and verifying a few settings.

Learn how to setup local printer redirection on Ace server by following the below steps:

Windows (RDP)
Follow the steps mentioned below to enable redirection in Windows (RDP):

  1. Right-click on your RDP session icon and select Edit.


  2. Go to Local Resources.


  3. Check the box for Printers as shown in the screenshot below.


  4. Go to General and click Save.


  5. Click Connect to complete the process.


  6. Once connected, the printer will also get redirected to the server. The redirected printers can be checked by searching device and printers from the start menu.


Benefits: The benefit of printing to a local printer from a remote desktop session is enhanced productivity and convenience. It lets you view and print files or documents from a remote computer or server without transferring data or using complicated workarounds. This feature is beneficial when you need to print locally while working remotely or using a remote computer. You can keep up a fluid workflow, save time, and quickly receive hard copies of important papers by smoothly printing them to your local printer.

Conclusion: The printer is redirected now, and setup is complete. If you’re still having trouble setting up local printer redirection on Ace server and need more help, contact number cta lineDonefeel free to contact us at +1-855-223-4887