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How to Stop Two-side Printing From Being the Default in MacOS?

Two-sided printing is enabled by default for Mac-compatible printers. To discontinue two-sided printing, you must first activate the CUPS Browser Interface. Once you can access CUPS on your Mac, you can make the required modifications to disable two-sided printing.

Learn how to stop two-side printing from being the default in macOS by following the below steps:

Step 1: How to access the CUPS Browser Interface

CUPS, a modular, open-source print management system developed by Apple Inc. for UNIX-based systems, serves as the foundation for print configuration on Macs. While the CUPS interface is not directly accessible through the macOS GUI, it remains enabled by default and can be accessed and managed using the terminal.

  1. Activate the CUPS browser interface by following the procedure listed below.
  2. Verify that your Mac’s Admin Account is open and that you are logged in.
  3. As seen in the image below, click the Finder icon on your Mac’s taskbar.
  4. After selecting Applications from the left-side menu in the search box, slide down to choose Utilities.
  5. Select Terminal App.
  6. Enter the following command in the terminal as indicated in the figure, then press the enter key.
    sudo cupsctl WebInterface=yes
  7. You may use any Mac browser to visit CUPS after this command has been properly performed.

Step 2: Activate the CUPS Settings on your browser

Open your preferred web browser and, navigate to http://localhost:631 and click on Printers. When prompted for a username and password, type the ones you use to access your Mac.

Step 3: Change the default printing settings

  1. Choose the printer for which you wish to update the settings. Select Administration from the drop-down option.
  2. Select Set Default Options.
  3. Under “2-Sided Printing,” choose the “Off (1-Sided)” option.
  4. Click “Set Default Options” to save your changes.

Benefits of single-sided printing

  • Conserves paper and reduces environmental impact
  • Suitable for drafts, internal notes, or personal documents that don’t require double-sided printing
  • Promotes an environmentally responsible and sustainable printing habit

Test the changes by printing a document. You’ll notice that single-sided printing is now the default. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact us at +1-855-223-4887.