– A Beginner’s Guide

Ransomware – A Beginner’s Guide

PurpleSec predicts that the average cost of each ransomware attack in 2020 will be $8,100.

The risk of getting hit by a ransomware attack is increasing day by day. Each day new ransomware programs are created and deployed. The motive of such attacks is to encrypt important user data and extract money for its decryption – Bad Rabbit, Cerber, and WannaCry are some common examples.

However, many people are not aware of ransomware and what to do if they get affected. There are specific measures that you can take to prevent a ransomware attack or to minimize the damage if you get affected.

This ebook contains everything that a beginner should know about ransomware and the steps needed to be taken in case of a ransomware attack.

The contents of this ebook are:

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics of Ransomware
  3. Types of Ransomware
  1. Crypto Ransomware
  2. Locker Ransomware
  3. Scareware
  4. Doxware (or Leakware)
  1. Examples of Ransomware Attacks
  1. Bad Rabbit
  2. Cerber
  3. Locky
  4. WannaCry
  5. GandCrab
  6. CryptoLocker
  1. Modes Of Ransomware Attacks
  1. Email Attachments
  2. Botched URLs
  3. Drive-by Downloads
  4. External Storage Devices
  1. Who is Targeted?
  2. How serious Is It?
  3. What Should You Do If You Get Hit By a Ransomware Attack?
  4. Methods of Prevention
  5. Conclusion
  6. About Ace Cloud Hosting
  7. References

This ebook covers all the topics in detail and guides the user in securing their data.

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