How Safe is Your QuickBooks
on the Cloud?


Moving an essential software like QuickBooks to the cloud leads to numerous security concerns. Questions like “will my data be under my control?” or “how does the cloud provider protect my data?” are answered in this eBook.

With hosting, the cloud gives your QuickBooks an added level of security. These security features are lacking while using on-premises QuickBooks. The cloud is equipped with advanced antivirus and antimalware. Also, unauthorized system access is checked on the cloud. Your data is stored in multiple servers across multiple locations, eliminating the risk of business loss.

This eBook explains how the cloud employs several features to protect your data. Multi-factor authentication, automatic back-ups, audit trails, data encryption, endpoint firewall, and network security are some features that help keep your QuickBooks data safe on the cloud.

Along with addressing how the cloud protects your data, this eBook also covers the best practices you should follow to stay safe online and what to look for when choosing a cloud hosting services provider.

The contents of this eBook are:

  1. QuickBooks on the Cloud v/s On-Premises QuickBooks
  1. Viruses and Malware
  2. Unauthorized System Access
  3. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  1. Cloud Features to Protect Your Data
  1. Multi-factor Authentication
  2. Multiple Data Centers
  3. Automatic Backups and Edit History
  4. Audit Trails
  5. Data Encryption
  6. Anti-malware
  7. Security Analysis
  8. Endpoint Firewall
  9. Network Security
  1. Selecting the Right Cloud Hosting Service for You
  1. Are they Authorized by Intuit?
  2. Standards of their Data Centers
  3. Check Available Security Features
  1. Best Practices for Ensuring Safety of Your QuickBooks on the Cloud
  1. Clearly Define User Permissions
  2. Change Your Passwords Frequently
  3. Stay Vigilant

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