How Can Accounting Firms Manage
Their Remote Work?


88% of organizations worldwide are either encouraging or deploying their teams to work from home.

With the recent COVID-19 (commonly known as coronavirus) outbreak, remote work has become a necessity rather than a choice for accounting firms today. It offers many benefits, including infrastructure cost-saving, time-efficiency, and better focus and work-life balance.

However, there are some downsides to remote working as well. Many businesses are still not prepared for this sudden transition. Therefore, it has caused mismanagement and disruptions for many firms. Some of the drawbacks of implementing remote work are:

  • Limited access to information
  • Technical issues
  • Shortage of storage space
  • Lack of communication between teammates

In order to overcome these limitations, it is crucial to take proper steps to manage remote employees and work.


This ebook offers an insight into what accounting firms can expect from remote working and ways to provide access to the data anytime and anywhere.

The contents of this ebook consist of the following:

  1. Benefits of Remote Working
    1. Time-Saving
    2. Better Engagement
    3. Cost-Efficient
    4. Work-life Balance
  1. Challenges of Working Remotely
    1. Lack of Communication
    2. Inability to Track Workflow
    3. Limited Access To Information
    4. Distractions At Home
    5. Technological Issues
  1. Managing Remote Work
    1. Strategize a Plan
    2. Leverage Technology
    3. Hire a Remote Talent
    4. Keep Employees Motivated
    5. Establish Engagement Rules
  1. Remote Working During Coronavirus Outbreak
  2. About Ace Cloud Hosting
  3. References

The ebook discusses the importance of technology to keep the workforce connected with each other, create a plan, and assign various tasks to accomplish targets on time. Moreover, hiring remote talent and keeping the workforce engaged can aid in the growth of the accounting firm. It is essential to execute remote work strategies in order to keep the business operations up and running even during this pandemic.

Download this free ebook to get a detailed overview of how to manage the remote working and remote employees.


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