A Complete Guide to
Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

A Complete Guide to Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Today’s global business scenario calls for a desktop solution that can complement business agility and growth requirements. They need to serve clients whenever and wherever required. Sitting at 9 to 5 in the office is just not enough.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a term that implies the offering of virtual desktops by third-party providers. The DaaS providers deploy the VDI platform in the data centers and provide customers with virtual desktops on a pay-as-you-go basis. Virtual desktops overcome the flexibility, mobility, and security restrictions of a physical desktop.

This ebook covers Desktop as a Service in detail and the advantages it offers to a company’s workforce.

The content of the ebook consists of –

  1. Introduction
  2. Confusion Between DaaS and VDI
  3. Challenges with Local Desktops and On-premise VDI
  1. Stationary Workplace
  2. Obsolete Hardware
  3. Security Loopholes
  4. Operational Bottlenecks
  5. Performance Issues
  6. Growth Requirements
  7. The ‘Cost’ Factor
  1. The Solutions Offered By DaaS
  1. On-the-go Desktops
  2. Business Continuity
  3. Layered Desktop Security
  4. Fully Managed Service
  5. High-Performance Computing
  6. Easy Desktop Implementation
  7. Reduced Expenses
  1. Major Industries Adopting DaaS
  1. Healthcare
  2. ITES
  3. Retail
  4. Education
  5. Legal
  6. Manufacturing
  1. Desktop as a Service Use Cases
  1. Bring Your Own Device
  2. Graphic-Intensive Applications
  3. Secure Access To C-Suite
  4. Call Center Agents
  1. Get Started
  2. About ACE
  3. References

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