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Marbel Conceptz’s Business Management Services For Global Clientele Simplified With Ace Cloud Hosting


Marbel Conceptz faced a challenge in facilitating seamless data/information transfer between clients, client partners, accountants, and financial advisors while working on desktop-based applications.

Solution Offered by Ace Cloud Hosting:


Marbel Conceptz switched to dedicated hosting service of Ace Cloud Hosting with all their Windows-based applications. The collaboration and data sharing with clients transformed in several ways as the restrictions on locations and devices were not involved, anymore. It saves on travel expenses and time as the collaboration takes place remotely and the tasks are executed at a higher speed.

Role-specific access is now available to all the involved parties, which includes staff, clients, client partners, financial advisors, and others. With easy customization of the access permissions, the administrators at Marbel Conceptz can adjust with the changing client needs. A centralized data storage reduced the efforts of data sharing while enabling a secure environment as well.

"Business management industry is witnessing rapid transformations. Being available for all the clients, at their comfort, without letting the budget loose. We didn’t want a quick-fix solution, but a lasting partner."

- Maria Belknap, Owner, Marbel Conceptz



Marbel Conceptz

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