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Ace Cloud Hosting Empowered Drive Accounting with Virtual Private Server


Drive Accounting, a renowned bookkeeping, accounting and business consultancy services provider, was looking for a reliable solution to control the access of client files among its staff members, who worked from remote locations.

Solution Offered by Ace Cloud Hosting:

Virtual Private Server service from Ace Cloud Hosting offered a platform for the hosting of applications and data, along with customizable sharing permissions.


Ace Cloud Hosting offered an easy-to-control Permission Management Panel for the virtual private server to configure the access of hosted applications among various users (including staff members and clients). Hosting is delivered on superfast SSD servers in the Tier-4 Data Centers, which ensured the speed and 99.999% uptime to keep the company’s remote operations uninterrupted.

Since QuickBooks is among priority applications for Drive Accounting, Ace Cloud Hosting’s Intuit Authorization for Commercial Hosting turned out to be an added advantage.

"We needed a remote solution for our client's data. Specifically, we wanted to provide a remote option that allows my team to work on the client's file from any location for clients not wanting to use QBO."

- Ted Hanna, Operations Manager, Drive Accounting



Drive Accounting

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