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With the appropriate methodology and technology, Best Link Strategies aimed to train a pool of 25 students in security that could be scaled up or down depending on the circumstances. In addition to scalability, savings through cost reduction was one of the major concerns. 

BLS intended to deploy BYOD in addition to remote training to ensure a successful security session for everyone. They sought to demonstrate a level of compliance that goes above and beyond the industry standards- a solution to mitigate the tight control over onboarding to help students to feel at ease.

The Solution:

BLS contacted Ace Cloud Hosting for the Virtual Desktop Solution and assisted them in making sure it met all of their specific needs to find the ideal solution, keeping in mind the minimum budgetary vigilance and optimum output.

BLS concentrated on identifying the best solutions that would enable their business to continue using the existing applications and swiftly extend those components to the company’s requirement without any financial impact.

The Results:

By utilizing the Ace Cloud’d fully managed solution, BLS facilitated the migration to a Virtual Desktop Solution and allowed students to study from the convenience of their remote locations. With the BLS+ Ace Cloud Hosting solution in place, BLS quickly provided training to its students with secure desktops accessible from any device. The business is now prepared to scale with ACH to quickly meet future demand spikes while maintaining the company’s commitment to its client.


Best Link Strategies

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