Top 10 Small and Medium Business Technology Trends of 2014

Small and medium businesses are becoming more aware of how important technology is to their business success. In 2014, technology would continue to revolutionize SMBs and companies that are ready to embrace the opportunity; the year promises to be an exciting one.

As a small business owner, being aware of the latest technology trends can help you improve efficiency and productivity. The infographics below demonstrates top ten technology trends.

Top 10 Small and Medium Business Technology Trends of 2014

1. Progressive SMBs use technology as a game changer: Small businesses are likely to invest more in technology solutions like cloud, mobile, data analytics and social media.

2. Cloud adoption accelerates, but SMBs steer clear of dark clouds: Use of cloud would increase from 33% to 44% in 2014. With firms gong further in the cloud, they would prefer providers that remain true to their offer.

3. Mobile management becomes a priority as SMB mobile app use soars: Mobile management would be a top priority for most small and medium businesses.

4. Social media marketing stalls as SMBs re-focus marketing practices: In 2014, SMBs would focus on networking and content management so that they can target audience and convert these connections into customers.

5. SMBs view payment systems in a new light: While credit cards remain the top forms of payment, mobile wallets, and gift cards would work as new payment gateways for SMBs.

6. SMBs Integrate to gain higher solution value: Cloud to on-premise integration will be among top priorities for SMBs.

7. SMBs prepare for the insight economy: Most SMBs will focus on how their solutions can enable better decision-making and insights.

8. It is easy for SMBs to go green and save green: SMB will emphasize more on using green technologies in the year 2014.

9. The Affordable Care Act puts workforce management in the SMB spotlight: With The Affordable Care Act, SMBs would put workforce management to manage activities like payroll, HR, attendance, and scheduling.

10. Make a way for an SMB influencer shake-up: Professional advisors and accountants having proven relationship with SMBs will become stronger influences.

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