Last updated on January 24th, 2023

Data center industry is continuously growing all over the world and has helped SMBs to get their business processes on cloud successfully. With many new developing markets opening up, data center industry definitely has a strong future.

Improved hybrid cloud model, green technology for data center, lower data center density are some of the predictions that will dominate in data center industry in 2015. Let’s explore in detail –

1. Cloud technology: Data center deployments in cloud will provide businesses many benefits. Eliminating on-premise data center saves cost, space, and time. It can be difficult to manage data across different platforms, but a distributed approach avoids major crash happening.

2. Converged infrastructure: One of the effective ways to minimize complexities in data center is converged infrastructure – where everything from compute to storage is on a prequalified application.

3. Wireless technology: Wireless technology is slowly gaining momentum. The introduction of awaiting wireless networks would be an enabler of latest technologies which move IT infrastructure outside core markets and need further integration between data centers.

4. Focus on green technology: Increased focus on energy efficient methods has made data centers industry a frontrunner in implementing green measures. Various energy storage solutions are being fine-tuned on the way to renewable and green energy concepts like waste recycling and free cooling.

5. Artificial Intelligence: As everyone wanted to take advantage of machine learning to enhance their services or products, Artificial Intelligence would be a big trend. In the coming years, the AI boom would continue to drive new offering to data center industry.

Predictions for Data Center Industry 2015 Infographic

6. Next-Gen Technology: Various technologies such as the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and bitcoin, robotics and drones are taking shape and data center operators are closely monitoring the developments in these sectors, which usually appear inbuild clusters around geographic development hubs.

7. Increased demand at the edge: The demand for data analytics will continue to build in the future. A single rack of storage, server, and equipment at a remote geographic location may not seem like much but simple edge sites can support key business operations. They bring efficiency and convenience to the businesses.

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