Green computing is a hot topic these days and has an impact on how we think about data centers. Businesses need to get real about Green data centers and how they can save environmental and financial cost to everything they do.

On the top of common metrics for evaluating a data center – the strength of security infrastructure, computational power efficiency, the speed of operation – the right ecosystem has now become an important aspect for organizations.

What is a Green Data Center?

A green data center is a data repository for storage and management designed for minimum environmental impact and maximum energy efficiency. Such data centers are entirely built and managed on green computing standards.

Why it matters?

1. Saves energy: Green data centers are designed not just to save energy, but they also reduce the requirement for expensive infrastructure to deal with cooling demands and increased power.

2. Saves money: Green data centers use latest techniques which consume less power. This helps in reduction of both operational and capital costs for organizations, helping businesses to save money.

3. Supports environmental sustainability: Green data centers ensure diversity of biological system by minimizing the impact of methods used, thus helping to create a sustainable environment.

4. Improves social and corporate image: By meeting compliance, regulatory requirements and regulations in corresponding regions, green data centers help organizations improve the corporate and social image.

5. Better utilizes resources: Green data centers better utilize various resources like power, office space and heat in an eco-friendly way.

The infographic below illustrates the need for a Green data center and how a traditional data center can be converted to the green one.


How to make a data center green?

Below are some of the best practices to adopt a green data center.

1. Consolidate your servers: Make a few basic changes to the existing data centers. Removing physical servers can help achieve substantial savings.

2. Switch to energy-efficient servers: Making a switch to green IT principles can help you increase performance and efficiency.

3. Upgrade to high-efficiency power supplies: Inefficient power supplies can result in about half of the power wastage before it even gets to the equipment. Moving to energy-efficient power supplies can save both capital and operating costs.

4. Redesign cooling system: To reduce energy consumption, redesign data center to an improved cooling system which incorporates outside air.

5. Redesign air management: Redesign air management to avoid recirculation of hot air from equipment and reduce bypass airflow.

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