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Ace Cloud Hosting’s Public Cloud Refund Policy:

This refund policy of Ace Cloud Hosting (the “Policy”) describes the terms and conditions under which an end user (the “Customer” “you”, “your”) of Ace shall be entitled and granted a refund. Customers who register with Ace or avail Ace Services agree to be legally bound with the terms of this Policy. Ace reserves the right to amend this Policy at any time by updating the document on the Ace website (), and notifying you about it through an email. The revised version of this Policy will be effective automatically upon publication on Ace website. In the event of a conflict between these terms and conditions and the revised version published on Ace website, the revised version shall control.

Ace Cloud Hosting (“Ace”, “we”, “our”) provides public cloud, managed cloud and other configuration services, including without limitation, compute instances (CPU and RAM Intensive), graphics processing unit (GPU cloud), object storage, block storage, load balancer, FWaaS (Firewall as a service), DbaaS (Database as a service, and dedicated RDS-CAL license to our Customers (collectively, the “Services”). The use of the Services by you shall be controlled by the terms of service policy available online at link as amended from time to time.

General information regarding refund requests: –

All refund requests must be emailed by you to [email protected] within the allowed timeframe, as set forth herein this Policy, and should be claimed within the deadline indicated in this Policy.

Customers shall not be eligible for any refund in the following cases: –

  1. Minimum billing for reserved instances: Reserved instances are launched for a certain duration of time for a fixed charge/fee, and Customers will not be eligible for a refund. You will also not be entitled to a refund of the minimum billing amounts incurred in each billing cycle as the resources are reserved for the Customers in this case.
  2. The transaction fees for the Services charged by payment gateway(s) shall not be refunded.
  3. Fees for the Services paid via any coupon code, promotional code benefits, etc. shall not be refunded. Ace reserves the right to cancel such codes at any time.
  4. Customers will not be eligible for a refund if they have an overdue amount in any of the connected Customer accounts, or if we reasonably believe that the Customer account is linked in some way to another Customer account(s) with outstanding dues. After adjusting the outstanding balance for such a connected Customer account, any residual balance will be refunded to you. For this section, the overdue amount includes unpaid TDS of the Services for which you have not supplied a fully signed applicable TDS certificate.
  5. In case of violations, suspected violations, of our terms of Service, or other company policies, etc., no refund shall be provided.
  6. Any other cases, determined at our sole discretion, would make customers ineligible for a refund.

Refund related to deprovisioning of Services

  • All Services will be assumed to be in an active condition and will be paid by the Customer until the availed Services are deprovisioned. No refund(s) shall be issued for using the services until the completion of the deprovision request.
    When making a deprovisioning request, the Customer must follow the procedures outlined below: –
    • Customers can deprovision the Services, which they have access to, using the self-services portal at by submitting a request through the self-service page. The Customer can terminate the services by following the steps outlined on the support page.
    • If our team provisioned the Services manually at your request, you must instantly register a request for deprovisioning of the Services by sending an email to [email protected], explicitly stating the date of deprovisioning. Only the request sent via your authorized personnel will be considered genuine, and such deprovisioning request must be unconditional.
    • When our provisioning team receives your request to deprovision Service(s), they will do so and send you and the Ace finance department a deprovisioning email. From the effective deprovisioning date specified in the deprovisioning email, which is copied to our finance department, we shall stop billing for that/those Service(s).
  • If our finance staff unintentionally misses a deprovisioning email from you and keeps on billing you for the deprovisioned Services, we will rectify it within a reasonable period of time by issuing credits. To allow us to do the same, please call the support team or contact [email protected] with information of the relevant deprovisioning email received from [email protected] stating the deprovisioning request.
  • If you have not received a deprovisioning email, please send an email to [email protected] informing us of your earlier deprovisioning request that was not executed, as well as its screenshot. Unless the Service includes a contract, the effective date is the end day of that contract period. The deprovisioning date is always indicated in the deprovisioning email.
  • Customer is responsible for paying for the Services until a deprovisioning request is submitted by the Customer to get the Services deprovisioned. Only the above-mentioned method will allow the finance department to issue credits.
  • The provisioning and deprovisioning days, as well as any days in between, are included in the billing cycle for Services. The monthly payment cycle applies to all manually provisioned services, including virtual/dedicated computing nodes.
  • If you request that we deprovision any Service provisioned manually done by you prior to the end of the following billing cycle, we may issue equivalent credits at our discretion, or a refund of the remaining funds charged in advance (deducting any charges of transactions through payment gateways), on a pro rata basis to source account through which the amount was originally received. Alternatively, if you continue to use other Services that are still supplied, the remaining balance can be adjusted in the following billing cycle.

Refund for billing & invoice discrepancies

  • If you find any discrepancies in our invoice(s) with respect to usage metrics or the Service being used, and/or other details mentioned on the tax invoice, you must email us at [email protected] within seven (7) days of receiving the invoice on email ID registered with us.
  • We shall investigate the legitimacy of the reported inconsistencies internally, and if a refund is needed, we may, at our discretion, provide you with credit and/or a refund of the amount.
  • If you do not notify us of any discrepancy within seven (7) days of receiving the invoice email, we will not accept any requests to amend bills, provide credit notes, or issue refunds in any other way.

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