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Error while creating Accountant’s copy and importing changes

Here we see how need to deal with errors while creating Accountant’s copy & while importing Accountant’s changes. The process isn’t as straight-forward as it seems but follow the underlying steps to the word and you’re golden:

 1) In case when the accountant’s file does not get created from the company file

– Verify that there is no special character in the file name for eg & , > , < sign etc

Change the location of the company file or create new portable file over desktop.

 Now restore the portable file over desktop.

  Create accountant’s copy from file > Accountant’s copy > save copy

 2) Error while importing Accountant’s changes

 While importing the accountants changes into the company file, always get the confirmation if the file has been created from the file which you are trying to import the changes from.

 – If you are getting ‘Accountant’s changes pending’ at the top of your QuickBooks, it means the file is good to import the changes.

 – Sometimes customer remove restrictions from the file-   File> Accountant’s copy> Remove restrictions

In this case customer will not be able to import changes from Accountant.


A) Accountant’s file (QBX) that we create from company file

B) Accountant’s changes made file (QBY)