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Comprehensive Cloud Solutions For CPAs

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Unlimited Cloud Storage
Host Any Number Of Desktop Applications With Unlimited Add-Ons As Per Your Unique Business Requirements.
Freedom To Work Remotely
Enjoy The Flexibility To Work From Home, Office Or Anywhere In The World Anytime On Any Device.
Improved Collaboration
Enhance Your Business Efficiency By Collaborating Better With Your Teammates And Clients On A Unified Cloud Platform.
Reduced Expenses
Cut The Capital And Operational Costs Incurred On Buying, Maintaining, And Upgrading The Local IT Setup In Your CPA Firm.

Private Cloud Workspace

As a CPA who handles several clients, you need functionalities like CRM, Office suite, or task management to work in tandem with the accounting tasks.
Ace Cloud Hosting offers you a private cloud workspace where you can integrate all the desired third-party add-ons that perform these functions, without the need for local hardware upgrades. Moreover, with access to dedicated resources, you can do MORE in LESS time with an added layer of security, performance, and privacy.

Secure Accounting Operations

Data security is the prime concern for any CPA with the increasing number of data breaches and cyber threats such as Ransomware over the past few years.
Ace Cloud Hosting’s multi-layered security infrastructure ensures total protection of all your accounting data and applications. End-to-end data encryption, multi-factor authentication, brute force attack protection, Intrusion Detection & Prevention System (IDS/IPS) are among the security safeguards Ace Cloud Hosting deploys.

Managed Cloud Accounting

All CPA firms go through the regular IT issues that hamper both their productivity and business. As a CPA firm owner, would you rather spend time on improving your accounting process or the tedious IT issues?
Ace Cloud Hosting offers managed cloud solutions where we take care of all the IT-related issues. Hence, whether the hardware needs replacement, maintenance, or upgrade, it is done in the backend without hampering your efficiency.

Continuous Business Operations

As a Certified Public Accountant, you want to be proactive in offering services to your clients. For that, you must have the accounting software and data available 24/7.
Ace Cloud Hosting’s cloud solutions are backed with Business Continuity that involves the constant analysis and identification of risks that can hamper the accounting process. Moreover, with multi-redundancy at the infrastructure level, no hardware issues can cause your accounting apps and data to be unavailable.

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Customizable Accounting Solutions For Your Business

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Why Choose Ace Cloud Hosting?


You can rest assured that your accounting process will always be available as we guarantee an uptime of 99.999 percent in our SLA.

Always-on Support

Get freedom from all IT-related issues as our customer support executives are always at your beck and call over call, chat, or email.

Rolling Backup

No need to worry about issues like accidental deletion of data as we backup your data automatically for a period of 45 days.

On-Demand Scaling

Scale up or down the server resources and the number of users as per the workload with our customized on-demand scaling cloud solutions.

HPC Cloud Accounting

Get optimum performance for your accounting apps and data hosted on our High-Performance Computing cloud environment.

Disaster Recovery

Keep your data safe from all natural and human-inflicted disasters like earthquakes or fires with our Disaster Recovery solution.

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