Traditionally, companies were expected to build and maintain their own IT infrastructure for running accounting software despite huge costs. This presented a disadvantage to SMBs having limited resources. The cloud technology provides companies of all sizes an alternative where users can access QuickBooks anytime, from anywhere via an internet connection.

According to a survey report by Gartner, CPAs and SMBs have been adopting cloud technology for their accounting activities. 81.4% of the people surveyed considered making a switch to cloud accounting.

Let’s take a look on what benefits are there and why SMBs, accountants, and bookkeepers should use QuickBooks on cloud.

What is QuickBooks on Cloud?

QuickBooks on cloud means that all your files or data are stored and installed on the cloud rather than your own local computer system. One can easily access the software through the internet and run QuickBooks remotely.

How QuickBooks on Cloud Saves Money?

With hosted QuickBooks, you only need to pay a monthly fee as it works on a subscription basis. Purchasing a permanent software outright would be expensive and the installation can cause further complications.

By making a switch to the cloud, your firm will save time as the cloud is more reliable and always available. From not having to travel back and forth to visit clients in different cities and to reduced bookkeeping and data entry tasks, firms will also see increased productivity and efficiency with the cloud.

QuickBooks on Cloud Flood of Savings Infographic

How QuickBooks works on cloud?

1. Connect to the cloud with your laptop, mobile or PC
2. Use Remote Desktop Software or web browser to access QuickBooks
3. Work on the software with other users simultaneously

Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting with Ace Cloud Hosting

Here is why you should host your QuickBooks with Ace Cloud Hosting:

1. Ace Cloud Hosting is Intuit Authorized commercial host for QuickBooks.
2. Ace provides 99.999% server uptime to avoid downtime issues.
3. Our customer support is available 24/7 with chat, mail and voice support.
4. There are different pricing structures available on ACH to fulfill your requirement.
5. We offer easy and compliant QuickBooks software license management.
6. Ace Cloud Hosting does not compromise on data security and offer highest security standards.

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