Most successful businesses in the world bank on strong teamwork. A “team” in the past meant sharing same office. However, in today’s digital world, a team is a diverse group of people from different geographic locations. Whether you have employees working from home, outsourced workers or virtual staff, having the right tools is all matters.

Having great Online File Sharing and Collaboration (OFSC) tools would enable all employees to work together without wasting time. The Online File Sharing and Collaboration includes cloud computing and software application platform which allows you to store, share and sync files internally and externally, irrespective of the location, device or file-format application.

SMB Group recently conducted a study on U.S. Small and Medium Businesses’ perspective on Online File Sharing and Collaboration (OFSC) solutions. Most SMBs are interested in OFSC solutions which include a cloud-based software platform that enables them to store, synchronize and share files and documents, thus enabling better collaboration among employees regardless of application, device or their location.

This not only gives better collaboration opportunity, but reliable, cheap and safe file sharing as well. SMB Group also identified the key drivers for OFSC solutions such as E-Mail based file sharing, huge growth in content and data volume and limited IT resources.

This infographic demonstrates why SMB market is more interested in the Online File Sharing and Collaboration Solutions.

OFSC Solutions - What You Need To Know? Infographic

Benefits of Online File Sharing and Collaboration

Some of the benefits offered by OFSC include:

1. Reduced costs: Cloud-based solutions provide applications over the internet without the need to buy expensive equipment and machinery. This results in substantial cost reduction for businesses and represents a good alternative to traditional file storage solutions.

2. Security: Security is one the key benefits of OFSC solutions. By integrating your cloud file sharing system with existing infrastructure, users are subject to the same security controls and permission as they would be on internal system. Similarly, no user can access your files or data. without having proper authority.

3. Better accessibility: With the help of cloud, files are much easier to access and share. OFSC allows employees to be able to access the files they need to do their tasks from wherever they are.

4. Disaster recovery: Reliability of data recovery in case of a disaster or natural calamity is another benefit of online file sharing and collaboration. Since the accessibility of cloud-based system eliminates the need to carry hard drive or any other type of storage, there is no risk of anything happening to your data while you are on the go.

5. Saves time: Business owners can save a lot of time with OFSC solutions. There is no need to save files to hard disk, transport it and then insert into laptop to access the data. With just a few clicks, all the information or files can be instantly accesses and shared.

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