Investment is a very tricky game. The odds are very inconsistent and more often than not, an investor ends up losing a lot of money instead of gaining any. A keen eye for opportunities and a good insight for market predictions can help an individual make a good investment.

However, both of these qualities can only be developed from experience. An inexperienced person does not have much of a chance of making big money out of investments without a lot of luck.

However, with a little zeal and some careful planning, even these newcomers can become successful. They need to expand their insight and be a little wary when making financial decisions. What may seem a lucrative venture at first, might turn out to become a total disaster.

This is why patience is the first virtue anybody wanting to invest should develop in themselves. Besides this, there are a lot of other key factors one should train in before they start making big money decisions.

Accepting your shortcomings and working to overcome them is the first step to being successful in any field. Thus, newcomers should accept their inexperience and make up for that they lack in hands-on knowledge by getting to know the market trends from previous years.

Here is an infographic that gives 6 useful investment tips that all beginners should follow:

Infographic 6 Investment Tips that Every Beginner Should Know

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