Bitcoin – a cryptocurrency that is increasingly being adopted by businesses, and to be precise, out of the total cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin compromises 34% as of January 15, 2018.

The main idea behind Bitcoin is to enable individuals or a business to make quick payments without any traditional banking system hassle.

From the year 2009 to the smashing records at the end of 2017, Bitcoin has surely made a strong challenge to prove its dominance in the economy. As of December 2017, this digital currency is worth $13,860 and is willing to become one of the most popular mediums in near future for making payments and further transactions in a business.

This infographic will let you explore the basics of Bitcoin by defining its usage for individuals as well as businesses.

Along with that it also explains how businesses and individuals can make use of this virtual currency to make easy and secure payments.

Talking about individual perspective, the processes involved in choosing bitcoin wallet, buying & selling of bitcoin is also defined.How businesses can take advantage of by using bitcoin and the corresponding queries related bitcoin can also be considered in this infographic.

Also, get to know the legal status and regulation of this growing digital currency in different countries in this infographic.



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