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Managing cash flow is the lifeblood of every small business. Having complete visibility of your current and future cash flow can minimize business impact from overdue payments, unpredicted bills, or out-of-cash situations. The current COVID pandemic requires businesses to have a real-time view of their cash flow on a weekly or even daily basis to navigate the difficult storm. Moreover, given that virtually all businesses are forced to work from home, it is essential to have all of your mission-critical solutions be cloud-based and accessible anytime, anywhere.

Finagraph and Ace Cloud Hosting have teamed up offering the perfect solution for small businesses, accountants and financial advisors who want the flexibility, benefits, and power of the cloud. Finagraph offers CashFlowTool to help your business predict current and future cash flow situations and make informed decisions accordingly. Ace Cloud Hosting is a leading cloud hosting provider that offers cloud hosting solutions for various applications. The collaboration of CashFlowTool with Ace Cloud Hosting means that you can access your QuickBooks Desktop securely in the cloud and use CashFlowTool to manage and forecast your cash flow while realizing the benefits of increased security, anytime anywhere access, and virtually no down-time.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • The cash flow challenges businesses face and the features offered by CashFlowTool to manage and keep track of their cash flow.
  • The advantages of using cloud hosted cash flow solutions for your business.
  • How Ace Cloud Hosting helps your business run with confidence.
  • How CashFlowTool and Ace Cloud Hosting will work in tandem to help you realize the benefits of the cloud.

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    Dave Fester

    Dave Fester

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    Mohit Kaul

    Sr. Solutions Consultant, Ace Cloud Hosting

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