Robust Cloud Firewall Managed by ACE

Secure your network with ACE’s Managed Cloud Firewall. A purpose-built, next-generation firewall that enables fast and secure internet usage, without the hassle of buying and managing hardware.

Protection will follow you and your team, wherever you go.

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A Completely Managed Firewall to Protect Your Business


SSL Inspection

Detects malware hidden in encrypted files with native SSL interception.


Cloud Sandbox

Analyze files for malicious behaviors and block zero-day threats.


Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Keep your critical data safe with easily scalable DLP for all users.


Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Complete threat protection from all sources of malicious intent on the web.


Cloud Browser Isolation

Separate browser activity from user device and block exposure to risky web content.


DNS Filtering

Prevent Domain Name System (DNS) requests from harmful destinations.

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Why Choose Managed Firewall Service Providers?

  • Centralized Policy Management
    Advanced Security Inspection
    Fully Integrated Security
    Cloud Impact

Centralized Policy Management

Control all security policies from one location, and enforce them immediately across all devices in your network, without the hassle of individually recreating them every time.

Centralized Policy Management

Advanced Security Inspection

Advanced Deep Packet Inspection that looks beyond the source and destination addresses for threats.

Advanced Security Inspection

Fully Integrated Security

Pertinent security information is shared across all tools for deeper visibility and comprehensive protection.

Fully Integrated Security

Cloud Impact

Anytime any of ACE’s cloud firewall user identifies a new threat, it gets blocked for all users everywhere.

Cloud Impact


Years of Exp.




Data Centers


Data Centers




Recommended FAQs

Most managed security service providers (MSSP), like ACE, provide a managed firewall service. It is a solution where cloud-based firewall operation, monitoring, and maintenance are outsourced to a third-party service provider. The provider monitors the network and provides reports, analysis, and troubleshoots when required.

A firewall provides network security by monitoring incoming and outgoing traffic, and permits or blocks data access based on a set of predetermined security rules. It acts as a barrier between the safe internal network and untrusted external networks such as the internet.

The cost of firewall depends greatly on the cost of hardware, which can range from anywhere between $700 – $4000. With a managed cloud firewall, this cost is eliminated as the service is cloud-based and hosted by the provider.

A dedicated firewall is dedicated for a single customer, and runs on a physical infrastructure. It is advisable for large, complex, and demanding environments which see huge traffic constantly. A virtual firewall is suggested for smaller operations, as they are more cost-effective. If you work with Virtual Machines (VM), a virtual firewall will protect the virtualized environment. They are portable, easily scalable, and simple to maintain and operate.

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