Staffwiz Simplified Global Remote Staffing with Managed Security

The Advantage in Global Remote Workforce Management

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    About Company

    Staffwiz is a global staffing leader redefining remote workforce solution. Operating in the United States and the Philippines, they provide tailored staffing for businesses worldwide. Challenged by cybersecurity vulnerabilities, Staffwiz consulted Ace Cloud for expertise in managed security services. Ace Cloud responded with multiple industry-grade cybersecurity measures to ensure Staffwiz get a secure network for their work-from-home employees.
    “Our work-from-home policy and onboarding have really improved. So far, Ace Cloud is a great company. They understand what needs to be done and know how to solve issues at hand,”


    • Lack of specialized cybersecurity expertise
    • Common attack surfaces
    • Enforcing certain internet usage policies
    • Privacy and security concerns as per HIPAA compliance mandates
    • Frequent Windows crashes and constant issues


    • Comprehensive SIEM Deployment
    • EDR for Endpoint Security
    • DNS Filtering for Internet Security
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    Explore how Ace Cloud Managed Security Solutions secured Staffwiz to redefine their global staffing excellence

    Empowered by Leading Partnerships: Veeam, CrowdStrike, TitanHQ Web and Proofpoint

    Ace Cloud proudly collaborates with industry leaders to provide cutting-edge solutions. Collaborating with Veeam ensures robust data protection. CrowdStrike powers our endpoint security, while Proofpoint strengthens email defenses. TitanHQ Web safeguards your Internet usage policies. Together, we craft an impenetrable shield against evolving cyber threats.