QuickBooks Payments

Manage Funds Seamlessly
With QuickBooks Payments

QuickBooks Payments offers you fast and flexible tools to accept payments from your clients via credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, bank transfers, and more.

It covers all your payment processing needs after integrating with any version of QuickBooks, including Enterprise, POS, and Desktop.

Charge your customers on a monthly basis or as per your desired billing cycle. Also, get access to a centralized dashboard for real-time updates on cash flow and business finances from one place.

  • Streamline Payment Process
  • Accept payments and send invoices and bills from any device. Organize payment plans, invoicing, and card processing in one place.

  • Get Quicker Responses
  • Ensure faster funds and instant updates. Get payments just one day after the customer pays. With the “Pay Now” button, provide options to your clients to pay directly through the invoice.

  • Reconcile Payments
  • Automatically make payments by matching the invoice price, ensuring reconciliation. Every payment is recorded in QuickBooks to avoid any discrepancies.

QuickBooks Enterprise Payments

QuickBooks Enterprise Payments

QuickBooks Enterprise Payments offer you the flexibility and tools to accept payments from your clients through multiple modes, even from remote locations.

Explore the pricing to know more:

QuickBooks Enterprise Payments Rates
Monthly fee $0.00
Card-Swiped 1.50%
Card-Keyed 2.90%
Transactional fee $0.25
Bank Transfer (ACH) $3


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QuickBooks Desktop Payments

QuickBooks Desktop Payments

QuickBooks Desktop Payments is a one-stop solution that will automate most of your bookkeeping tasks. Track your cash flow in real-time and quickly fix any detected errors.

Choose between pay-as-you-go pricing or monthly rates as per your business requirements.

QuickBooks Desktop Payments Pay as You Go Pay Monthly
Monthly fee $0 $16
Card-Swiped 2.2% + $0.25 1.5% + $0.25
Card-Keyed 3.1% + $0.25 2.9% + $0.25
Bank Transfer (ACH) $3 $3


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QuickBooks Online Payments

QuickBooks Online Payments

QuickBooks Online Payments ensure faster payments so that you can use your money as soon as it shows up in the QuickBooks Cash account. Customers can pay you anywhere and at any time through multiple currencies.

Check out the payment plans:

QuickBooks Online Payments Pay as You Go Pay Monthly
Monthly fee $0 $16
Card-Swiped 2.2% + $0.25 1.5% + $0.25
Card-Keyed 3.1% + $0.25 2.9% + $0.25
Card- Invoice 2.9% + $0.25 2.75% + $0.25
Bank Transfer (ACH) $1 ($10 cap per transaction) $1 ($10 cap per transaction)


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QuickBooks POS Payments

QuickBooks POS Payments

QuickBooks POS Payments can sync with QuickBooks Desktop for a seamless payment tracking process. The entries in inventory are updated automatically with every sale.

You can choose from monthly plans or pay-as-you-go options to opt for QuickBooks POS Payments:

QuickBooks POS Payments Pay as You Go Pay Monthly
Payment Monthly fee $0 $19.95
Swipe Rate Credit 2.7% Debit 1% Credit 2.3%+$0.25 Debit: 1%+$0.25
Keyed in Rate (Per Transaction) 3.50% 3.2%+$0.25


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E-Commerce Payments

E-Commerce Payments

Set up your E-commerce platform payments conveniently by integrating it with QuickBooks software. Accept multiple payment modes like credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and more on your website.

Check out the pay-as-you-go plans to suit your requirements:

E-Commm Payment Shopify Lightspeed Shopkeeper Vend Clover NCR Silver Square
Payment Monthly fee $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Swipe Rate 2.2-2.7% Request Rate 1.9%-2.6% 2.70% 1.89%-2.5%+$0.20(BOA) or 1.39% (First Data) Request Rate 2.75%
Keyed in Rate (Per transaction) 3.0% + $0.30 Request Rate 2.15% Request Rate Bank dependent Request Rate 3.5% + $0.15


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Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments

Mobile Payments allow you to make transactions from any remote location at any time. Streamline your process further with the GoPayment app for instant collection of payments.

Mobile Payments Pay as You Go Low Monthly Rates
Monthly fee $0 $16
Card - Swiped 2.2% + $0.25 1.5% + $0.25
Card - Keyed 3.1% + $0.25 2.9% + $0.25
Bank Transfer (ACH) 1% $10 cap per transaction 1% $10 cap per transaction


Get GoPayment Mobile Card Readers that run on your smartphone or tablet to keep a tab of all the sales you make. Choose the card reader based on your preference.

QuickBooks GoPayment Chip and Magstripe Card Reader


You get QuickBooks GoPayment Chip and Magstripe Card Reader free with QuickBooks Payments. Easily accept EMV chip, credit cards, and debit cards with the card reader. The encrypted EMV chip transactions will safeguard you from the frauds.


QuickBooks GoPayment All-in-One Card Reader


With QuickBooks GoPayment All-in-One Card Reader, you can accept a range of payment modes that include- Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, EMV Chip, and more in a secure environment. Get a charging dock and USB cable along with the all-in-one card reader.


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QuickBooks Payments FAQs

GoPayment from Intuit is a mobile credit card processing service that enables users to process CC transactions from the ease of their Apple or Android devices.

Here’s how you can connect your payments account with QuickBooks Desktop:

1. Click on Customers menu in QuickBooks Desktop.
2. Select Link Payment Service to Company File.
3. Sign in using the ID and password of your QuickBooks Payments.
4. Select Connect. Or, select Transfer, if you’re transferring your payments, account to another company file.

Then, if required, you can change the QuickBooks account you used to deposit money into. Lastly, turn on payment options and online invoices.

No, QuickBooks Payments includes all forms of payments in just one account.

Your customers can either pay via Credit Card, Debit Card, Apple Pay and/or ACH Bank Transfer when they open an online invoice.

Intuit products protect your transactions with multiple layers of security so you can do banking with confidence. It offers Secure Socket Layers (SSL), digital certificates, and RSA encryption to safeguard your financial information.

Popular eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify are optimal for QuickBooks Payment integration.

QuickBooks Payments lets you process payments directly through QuickBooks Desktop using credit cards, or ACH bank transfers.

Follow these steps to setup your QuickBooks Payments to be able to send or receive payments in QuickBooks Desktop:

1. Sign up or connect to an existing QuickBooks Payments account.
2. Send invoices to customers and process payments.
3. The money from customer payments will directly deposit into your bank account depending upon the product and payment method.

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