Intuit Field Service Management

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What is IFSM?

Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM), powered by Carrigo, is a powerful web-based order management software designed for optimized control over business operations like job scheduling, dispatching, and on-the-spot invoicing in service, installation, and repair companies.

Seamlessly integrate the IFSM system with all the QuickBooks Desktop applications (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise). It also has a mobile app supported by Android as well as Apple devices that provide insights into the financial and field service data on-the-go.

With Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM), ensure:

Real-time update on field data: Monitor the workflow, billable hours, travel time, and other status related to the job at any time.

Effective job scheduling: Create and customize appointments in the Scheduling board based on availability, skills, and departments.

Ability to instantly capture invoices: Store pictures of bills and record signatures while on the field for a streamlined work process.

IFSM also comes with a routing feature that uses Google Maps to find the best possible route for technicians to follow for reaching the destination. Furthermore, it provides historical data that can be used to improve first-time fix rates. Hence, you can save time and effort spent on gathering crucial information required to accomplish each task.

Pricing Plans

Subscribe to the base module monthly without the requirement of any contract.

Automatically import data from the IFSM into QuickBooks weekly timesheet system using the optional Time Card add-on.

Schedule recurring tasks and automate manual data entry for invoices with the optional Service Agreements Module.

Pricing for FSM Base Module features billed by Intuit:

Number of Users
Price per User
1-10 users
$35 per user per month
1-40 users
$31 per user per month
41-101 users
$28 per user per month

Pricing for optional Time Card module features billed by Corrigo: *

Number of Users
Price Per User
1-10 users
$15 per user per month
11-40 users
$13.33 per user per month
41-101 users
$12.08 per user per month

Pricing for optional Service Agreement module features billed by Corrigo: **

Number of Users
Price Per User
1-10 users
$15 per user per month
11-40 users
$13.33 per user per month
41-101 users
$12.08 per user per month

* Time Card module does not integrate with QuickBooks Online.

* Service Agreement module works with QuickBooks Online and all QuickBooks Desktop versions.


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Intuit Field Service Management FAQs

Intuit Field Service Management (IFSM), powered by Corrigo, is a web-based work order scheduling and dispatching system designed for service, installation, and repair companies. IFSM integrates with all versions of QuickBooks Desktop (Pro/Premier/Enterprise).

Once IFSM is integrated with QuickBooks, there is no need to run the first-time sync again. One can contact Intuit support as they can help to move the IFSM sync seamlessly.

Another convenient way is to host the application on the cloud. It provides accessibility to all of the data and software from any internet-connected device. So, one doesn’t have to set-up the sync again and can work immediately by logging into the account.

Yes, IFSM works with the QuickBooks application hosted on the cloud. IFSM seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Desktop, and if you host it with any third-party cloud hosting provider, you get added flexibility and mobility benefits.

The system requirements to run IFSM are:
● High-speed internet connection.
● QuickBooks Pro/Premier/Enterprise (version 2019 or later) on Windows 10.
● At least 1 GB RAM.
● At least 2GHz processor.
● 1 GB hard-disk space.

IFSM is an order management web-based application mostly designed for service, installation, and repair companies. It provides scheduling and dispatching solutions for all field businesses. Furthermore, integration with QuickBooks streamlines other financial tasks in the field.

IFSM can be used in 3 environments:
● Browser mode: Can be used in stand-alone desktop/ laptop web browsers that include Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge..
● QuickBooks Add-on: Can be integrated with QuickBooks (versions 2019 and above).
● Mobile App: Can be accessed through Android and Apple phone or tablet through a mobile app.

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