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Drake Tax Software Hosting – Dig Out the Top 8 Benefits for Tax Professionals

Whether for personal or business needs, preparing tax returns can be highly daunting. However, there are many ways by which you can augment your tax operations in a significant manner. One such way is using Drake tax software which is very common among tax preparers, accountants, and CPAs. Features of Drake like built-in forms, automated data flow, multi-state returns, and e-signature give you an excellent opportunity to simplify tax operations to a vast extent. However, you might still encounter challenges, such as on-time filing of taxes, client support during non-business hours, file sharing, ensuring data security, etc.  Drake tax software ... Read more

Why Tax Professionals Should Seek a Cloud Platform to Host Their Drake Software?

One of the most popular tax software programs, Drake helps tax professionals accomplish their tax-related tasks efficiently and quickly. Irrespective of the size of your business, the software allows you to stay focused on your core business operations and mitigate any tax-related challenges. Features like built-in forms, multi-state returns, automated data flow, etc., make the software among the most reliable and trusted resources. Although Drake is among the leading tax software programs, its desktop version has some flaws that often create hurdles for tax professionals. For instance, tax professionals cannot perform their tasks if they aren’t physically available on the ... Read more

Should Your Accounting Firm Use Drake On-Premise or In The Cloud?

Drake Tax software is preferred by many tax professionals, preparers, and CPAs. It streamlines tax filing and also offers audit tax reports. But if you are using it on a local desktop, you will face some restrictions.    For example, let’s talk about data accessibility. You have a situation where you need to complete a task urgently. But your best tax preparers are on vacation. You contact them for their guidance, but they don’t have access to the locally installed Drake Tax software. Thus, they won’t be able to help, and your task will take more time.    You can overcome the ... Read more

Why You Need a Good Cloud Hosting Provider to Host Your Drake Tax Software?

The cloud offers multiple benefits to companies and business owners. They get round-the-clock data access, better data security, easy scalability, reduced expenses, etc. Out of all, software hosting remains one of the most popular cloud offerings.    Tax professionals also embrace cloud services and host their tax software on the cloud, such as Drake Tax Software.  However, it is easy to get tormented with finding the right one with so many Drake tax hosting providers.  What exactly makes a good cloud hosting provider? They are the medium via which you will access your Drake tax on the cloud. So, it is ... Read more