BaaS (Backup as a Service)

Access Your Data Remotely With Secure Backup Solutions

Backup as a Service (BaaS): Safeguarding Your Data with Ease

Effortless Data Protection and Recovery

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Total Control

We offer complete control and visibility of your data for enhanced management.


Swift Restoration

Restore your files within minutes in the case of any disruptive event like floods or ransomware attacks.


On-demand Retention

With our customized BaaS plans, you can keep the backup on our server for as long as you want.


Secure Replication

Your data is replicated in real-time to multiple sites to protect it from any geographical event.

Managed Services

Are the storage devices used on the local premises to backup your data causing you a lot of trouble? Generally, a significant amount of time is wasted into the maintenance and replacement of the physical storage devices like internal drives and local servers.

With Ace Cloud’s BaaS, you can eliminate the need for physical storage devices altogether as the backup of all your data is taken on our cloud servers. Any maintenance, replacement, or upgrade requirements is our responsibility.


Disaster Recovery

You keep your data backup on local servers to recover it in the case of a hardware failure. But what if your entire facility is the victim of a natural or human-inflicted disaster like an earthquake or a ransomware attack?

We offer an in-built Disaster Recovery plan with Ace Cloud’s BaaS solution that ensures its safety from not only the local issues but also from any disaster affecting the entire location. We take the data backup in multiple geographical locations so that it can be recovered easily.



Do you have to face data security challenges on a daily basis? A lot of things can go wrong when you store your data on the local servers, like hardware failures, data breaches, and unauthorized access.

Ace Cloud secure cloud environment ensures total security of your data with safeguards like 256-bit data encryption, multi-factor authentication, access controls, Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, enterprise-grade firewalls, and 24*7 data monitoring, among others.


Backup as a Service (BaaS): An Automated Solution For Your Data

With 14+ years of experience in the cloud hosting industry, we understand the requirements of data backup and the challenges associated with it. Ace Cloud’s BaaS offers you a robust backup solution where you can store your data without being concerned about its security and integrity.



We understand that every business has specific requirements according to its nature and scale. Keeping this in mind, we provide flexible pricing plans for BaaS solutions that the customers can opt for according to the specifications of every industry. You can also customize the pricing plans according to your needs.


Always-on Support

With Ace Cloud’ Backup-as-a-Service, you get dedicated customer support from our cloud experts. If you encounter any issues regarding your backup, just contact our executives through phone, chat, or email. We are always at your beck and call and ensure minimum response and resolution time.


Reduce Cost

With Ace Cloud’ BaaS, you can eliminate the need for purchasing on-premise high-end hardware for data backup. As the data backup is taken on our cloud servers, all the costs involved in purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading the server is eliminated. Moreover, you also save time and effort in maintaining the hardware.


Unlimited Space

As the business grows, your data also grows. You want a flexible backup solution that scales automatically as per the business requirements. With Ace Cloud, you get on-demand scaling with your BaaS that ensures that all your data gets backed up, and the storage space is increased accordingly.

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State-of-the-art Infra

To provide you with a reliable backup solution that ensures anytime availability, we have partnered with SSAE-16 certified Tier 3+ and Tier 4 data centers with multi-layered redundancy of servers, as well as power and cooling equipment. This ensures total fault tolerance so that your backup is always secure.


Centralized Data

Our BaaS solution ensures that all authorized users can access the data backup, irrespective of their location. As the data is stored in a centralized remote location, the users can access the data at any time, day or night. Moreover, you can access the data with portables devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

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