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Give your team the mobility and flexibility they need.

A simple yet high-performance VDI solution, that is accessible anytime, from any device, even a smartphone.

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Eliminate IT Hassles And Costs With Fully Managed Services

We offer highly customizable virtual desktops created on a high-performance VDI platform. This frees you from the cost and efforts required to deploy an in-house IT infrastructure. Just contact our team, and we will take care of everything from desktop deployment, maintenance, and support.

end to end management
End-to-end Management

ACE offers a fully managed VDI service for the customers, wherein we take care of every desktop-related activities, including design, implementation, management, scaling, software updates, and security.

hight security
High Security

VDI-based desktops are protected under a multi-layered security environment with safeguards, such as endpoint protection, intrusion detection and prevention, OS patching, and antivirus management.

superior End-User Experience
Superior End-User Experience

Our High-Performance Computing (HPC) cloud ensures efficient delivery of the virtual desktop and applications on your endpoint devices. You can work on multiple graphic-intensive applications without experiencing any lag.

dedicated support
Dedicated Support

Our team of VDI experts is available round the clock, ensuring a quick response and effective resolution to all your desktop-related issues. You can also get in touch with them for a free consultation via call, chat, or email.

industry specific vdi services
Industry-Specific VDI Services

We understand that every industry is different, so is their desktop requirement. Choose the VDI services specific to your industry and customize the pricing plans as per your business's changing needs.

business continuity
Business Continuity

We ensure continuous working with our multi-redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure. We also deploy a disaster recovery plan that enables you to work even in the event of a disaster at a data center location.

Our VDI Solutions for Virtual Apps and Desktops Platforms are powered by Citrix


Benefits of VDI

Find out why VDI is the right technology for today’s businesses with a flexible workforce in achieving more efficiency. Enjoy various benefits of VDI and find out how it enhances productivity for better results.


Access your personalized virtual desktop from any remote location at any time on your personal devices.

cost reduction
Cost Reduction

Reduce capital expenses, optimize your office space, and eliminate the need for expensive office desktops.

on demand customization
On-Demand Customization

Configure desktops with preferred apps as per the different departments and business processes.


Your desktops are created in remote cloud servers, ensuring data protection even if your device is damaged.

instant provisioning
Instant Provisioning

Add or remove virtual desktops as per the requirement and choose the configuration of your choice.

efficient application
Efficient Application Delivery

Get all your preferred applications on-the-go, just by installing client software on your personal device.

Save upto $500 per PC per year by switching to Virtual Desktop Solutions.

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Our Client Testimonials

Satisfied Customers are our Success Story

Our clients have been very happy that we’ve made the change because they now have a fast access. ACE tech support has been wonderful. Anytime we’ve had any issues they are very prompt about getting things resolved for us

Judy Patrick
1BADCAT Bookkeeping and Design
judy patrick

Find how and which VDI solution will suit your business.

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Check out Plans of Virtual Desktop Solutions

Choose from the plans as per your business use cases


Ideal for task workers involving browser-based data entry and light applications such as Notepad, Calculator

*Minimum 3 users

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  • Built on 2vCPU/8GB RAM Virtual Machine(VM)
  • Shareable up to 8 Desktops per VM for optimal performance
  • 10 GB of storage per Desktop


Ideal for knowledge workers, browsing the internet and using Office applications such as Word, Excel

*Minimum 3 users

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  • Built on 2vCPU/8GB RAM Virtual Machine(VM)
  • Shareable up to 5 Desktops per VM for optimal performance
  • 30 GB of storage per Desktop


Ideal for content creators accessing heavy applications like Adobe Photoshop, Zoom, and Teams

*Minimum 3 users

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  • Built on 2vCPU/8GB RAM Virtual Machine(VM)
  • Dedicated Individual Desktops per VM for optimal performance
  • 70 GB of storage per Desktop

More Features

Included In All Plans

  • 30 Days Free Backup
  • Round the Clock Support
  • User-level App Access
  • Bandwidth
  • Local Drives Access
  • Updates and Maintenance
If our plans don’t meet your Virtual Desktop needs, get a unique quote tailor-made for your business requirements.

Key Features of VDI Services

Unique factors from ACE adds the necessary edge to hosted VDI. We understood the industry demands and devised a service that is more proficient and user-friendly for today’s businesses.

30 day free back up

With our automated solution, the data is backed up daily, rolling for 30 days.

99.999% uptime
99.99% uptime

With an uptime guarantee of 99.99%, we ensure all-time availability to your desktops.

Preferred Apps

We publish the apps of your choice on your personal devices, giving each user a personalized experience.

Round-the-Clock Support

Get in touch with our VDI expert team anytime via call, chat, or email.

On-demand Scaling

We offer flexible pricing plans, giving you the option to add or remove desktops as per the changing business needs.

High-Quality Graphics

Run the graphics-intensive apps on your personal devices without experiencing any lag or performance issues.

All Device Compatibility

Run your favorite Windows apps on your iOS, Android, or macOS devices without any compatibility issues.

Free Trial

Get hands-on experience of our virtual desktop solution for 25 days without any additional charges.

Disaster Recovery as a service

The desktops are replicated in multiple data centers to ensure normal operations even during a disaster.

Looking for further customization or more features?

Contact us to get a made-for-you VDI solution.

Comparison of Virtual and Physical Desktop

Find out the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Hosted VDI in 5 years.



Save $500/user/year

Cost of Workstation 1200 350
Set-up & Installations 370 -
Maintenance 1260 -
Software & Other Support 1730 -
Renewal & Upgradation 540
Hardware Replacement 220 -
Hardware Repair 310 -
Billable Hours Lost 490 50
Hosted VDI (per user) - 3240
TCO in 5 Years

(Total Cost of Ownership in $)


Hosted Virtual Desktop can save you $2,480 per user over 5 years.

Note: Considering averages values from the surveys conducted by Microsoft and Gartner

Save upto $500 per PC per year by switching to Virtual Desktop Solutions.

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Multi-Layered Security for the Hosted VDI Solution

By opting for Ace Cloud Hosting’s hosted VDI solution, customers get flexible and high-performance virtual desktops at pay-as-you-use pricing that they can access anytime, anywhere. However, the most critical component of our hosted desktops is the application and data security. Here are some of the advanced security measures that are a part of our hosted VDI solution.

single sign-on

Single Sign-on

Remembering different passwords for individual applications and desktops can be tedious and time-consuming.

Ace Cloud Hosting’s hosted VDI solution frees you from the old and complex ways of accessing your apps and desktops. We deploy single sign-on (SSO), where you can use one credential to access your desktop and apps on a unified platform.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Secure application and desktop access are one of the prime concerns of any business. Taking into consideration the criticality of data, conventional password access would not suffice.

Ace Cloud Hosting’s hosted VDI solution ensures a secure login and authorization method from your end-point devices. For this, we deploy the feature of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure desktop access. This ensures that no unauthorized personnel can access your desktop even if your password is compromised.


Identity Management

Ace Cloud Hosting’s advanced Identity Management system offers complete control and customization over the access of desktops and files.

You can define different roles to the users according to their function in their organization. Moreover, you can also set permission on files (access, block, or edit) to the users as per their roles. This ensures that only the concerned person has access to a specific file, ensuring its security.


We ensure the safe transit of your data from our remote cloud servers to your endpoint devices by creating an encrypted communication channel.

Ace Cloud Hosting deploys 256-bit data encryption and TLS 1.3 during transmission. This ensures data protection against man in the middle attacks as all your data is in encrypted form, incomprehensible by any malicious attacker.


OS Hardening

To ensure complete protection of your desktops, we ensure OS hardening with the latest security measures. A hardened OS contains all the security safeguards that can protect your systems from malicious attacks such as ransomware, phishing, and more.

We install the latest firewall releases, anti-malware, and antivirus in the virtual desktops to ensure complete protection of your applications and data. Moreover, regular OS patching ensures that any vulnerability in the operating system is fixed instantly.

Group Policies

With our hosted VDI solution, you get the option of assigning special policies to the users, ensuring an added layer of security to the desktop applications and data.

You can create groups according to the different departments and assign them desktops with customized features according to their work process. Some of the desktop features may include disabling the printing option, restricting the copy/paste function, and blocking the USB port access.

Save upto $500 per PC per year by switching to Virtual Desktop Solutions.

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Why ACE for Hosted VDI Solutions

We offer highly customizable virtual desktops created on a high-performance VDI platform.

Instant Provisioning
Instant Provisioning

With our hosted VDI solution, you can add or remove virtual desktops instantly and configure them with ease.

Always-on Support
Always-on Support

Our team of VDI experts offers round-the-clock customer support through call, chat, and email, ensuring minimal response time.

Disaster Recovery
Disaster Recovery

We deploy a robust disaster recovery plan, which enables you to continue working even in the case of a disaster.

100-Day Backup
30-Day Backup

We backup your data automatically for a period of 30 days on a daily basis for easy data recovery.

Best-in-class Data Centers
Best-in-class Data Centers

We have partnered with SSAE 16 certified Tier-3+ and Tier-4 data centers with multi-redundant infrastructure and fault-tolerant systems.

Industry-specific Solutions
Industry-specific Solutions

We offer tailor-made DaaS solutions specific to different industries and scale of businesses for you to choose from.

Find how and which VDI solution will suit your business.

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