Why to Choose ACH for your Public Cloud Requirements

Why to Choose ACH for your Public Cloud Requirements?


Cloud hosting allows you to move your business to the cloud without owning any on-premise server infrastructure hence saving the cost. Your data is stored at multiple locations, so that in case of any mishappening your data is always safe and this ensures the unhindered continuity of your business.

Choosing the right cloud service provider (CSP) is also essential to make sure enterprises don’t overspend their budget on cloud, which is a major problem in the cloud industry. This eBook is your guide through how you can choose the right CSP to move your business to the cloud.

This eBook covers the following points:

  • About Ace Cloud Hosting
  • Services offered under Ace Public Cloud
  • OpenStack-based cloud and benefits of using OpenStack
  • Ceph Storage and its advantages
  • Cost comparison between Ace and other CSPs
  • How cost-efficient Ace is over other CSPs


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