Making Sense of Hosted VDI as Business Strategy


How beneficial is Hosted VDI for your business? Does Virtual Desktop Hosting work as a viable business strategy?

The COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably changed how people work. Today, more employees work remotely or in a hybrid fashion than they probably do in office. Businesses, that have traditionally benefited from a distributed workforce, are busy making the most of remote working. Remote or hybrid working has not witnessed a dip in productivity, the opposite. So how is this possible?

The technology of Hosted VDI has made the transition to remote working hugely beneficial. That is why, businesses have adopted Hosted VDI solutions not only as a means of facilitating pre-existing remote workforce, but to embrace workplace flexibility for the first time. In the process they have realized the value of Virtual Desktop Hosting as a business-critical strategy toward efficient workload management.

Below are the contents of this whitepaper:

  1. Executive Overview
  2. What is meant by Hosted VDI?
    1. How It Works
    2. Types of Virtual Desktops
    3. Hosted VDI vs. Traditional VDI
  3. Features of Virtual Desktop Hosting
  4. Use Cases of Hosted Virtual Desktops
    1. Generic
    2. Industrial
  5. Factors that Impact Hosted VDI Pricing
  6. About Ace Cloud Hosting
  7. References

This whitepaper sheds light on everything you need to know before deploying Hosted VDI solution for your business. It contains details about all-important features, benefits, and use cases of Hosted Virtual Desktops. It explains how a successful deployment can help you maximize your business potential. The paper also tells you how Hosted VDI pricing works, why flexible pricing exists, and the importance of base offerings. The many use-cases of Hosted VDI have been cited so you may assess the potential suitability of Virtual Desktop Hosting for your business.

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