Key Considerations for Successful Deployment of Linux Hosted Desktops


Do you know 96.3% of the world’s top one million servers run on Linux?

The growth of Linux as an operating system has been phenomenal in recent years. With its open-source nature and customizable features, Linux has become a popular choice for both personal and enterprise use. As a result, the demand for Linux hosted desktops has been rising, offering a cost-effective and secure solution for organizations looking to leverage the benefits of cloud computing. This whitepaper aims to provide critical considerations for delivering Linux hosted desktops.

Executive Summary:

  • The growth of Linux in the business world is driving IT leaders to explore new solutions for their infrastructure.
  • The Linux Hosted Desktop with ACE offers an overview of a robust solution, providing clarity on management responsibilities and considerations for delivering the technology.
  • By enhancing the power of Linux, organizations can streamline their operations and meet the pressures of the modern business landscape.

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