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Whitepaper – QuickBooks on Cloud

QuickBooks on Cloud – Surviving and Thriving in the World of Cloud

A series of industry trends are reforming the finance and accounts management needs of businesses of all sizes, especially the SMBs.

As these companies grow, they are faced with same requirements as their larger counterparts. At the same time, advancement in technology has created increasingly dispersed personnel that have to submit essential data to an organization’s financial system and be able to access this information from anywhere, anytime to do their tasks.

Such needs are driving SMBs to explore alternatives to packaged software such as QuickBooks, which is being used by enterprises in their early stages. They seek an accounting system that fulfills requirements such as:

  1. Seamless integration with other applications
  2. Automation of complex financial management
  3. Real-time operational and financial visibility
  4. Anytime and anywhere access to data
  5. Auditability that satisfies compliance and regulatory requirements

QuickBooks was once considered as a complex and costly software application, with significant upfront investment.

Today, however, cloud technology has emerged to address real-time financial management requirements of businesses. This white paper outlines the statistics and observations in the development in this field and explains how cloud computing is gaining widespread adoption among organizations of any kind.

The paper outlines a framework to help businesses access the hidden benefits of switching to the cloud-based accounting system, and will help you:

  1. Get familiar with QuickBooks software and its uses
  2. Basics of QuickBooks hosting
  3. What makes QB hosting a requirement for businesses
  4. How to find the right QB hosting provider
  5. Know QuickBooks versions and new features in latest QB version

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