White Paper - Green Computing

White Paper – Green Computing

Green Computing – The Environmental Benefits of Going Green

As an emerging topic in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), “Green Computing” is transforming the way IT services are managed and delivered. With the rapid increase in energy costs and environmental issues, IT organizations are looking for practices to use technology in environmental friendly ways and reduce operating costs.

Many organizations still have questions about uses and implementation of green computing for their business such as:

  1. Should we use it?
  2. How should we implement it in our business operations to get the most value?
  3. How much will it cost?

.. and so on.

This white paper would help them understand the concept and how they can realize the full benefits of green IT while saving business costs and time.

This paper outlines valuable information and practices on green computing for businesses as well as individuals, including:

  • Introduction to green computing
  • Need for green computing
  • Benefits of Green IT
  • Barriers to Green acceptance
  • Strategies to implement Green IT practices
  • A quick sneak peak on ‘Green’ data centers
  • Cloud computing and its impact on environment
  • E-Waste management, and
  • Industry and government initiatives

While use of green computing today is associated with the ability to reduce energy usage, costs and environment sustainability, widespread acceptance of this technology is expected to have a transformative effect on enterprises.

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