fb-valid White Paper – Cloud Accounting Security

Whitepaper – Cloud Accounting Security

Cloud Accounting Security: A Ground Reality Comparison With Local Hosting

As the business methodologies have revolutionized because of technologies in the recent times, the methods of accounting have also seen the impact. Home-based startups are serving the clients all over the world, and larger enterprises are looking to grow their reach to every home. These rapidly changing business practices have raised the demands of accounting services. Cloud for its amazing benefits comes as an inevitable option for the accounting. However, with the accounting over the cloud, remains the concern over security.

This whitepaper details comparison of security aspects between cloud accounting solutions and local hosting solutions. The content of the whitepaper include:

1. Introduction | Cloud Accounting

2. How Cloud Accounting Works

3. Benefits & Challenges of Cloud Accounting for Small Businesses

  • Benefits of Adopting Cloud Accounting
  • Challenges with Cloud Accounting

4. Security With Cloud Accounting

  • Security At User-end Device
  • Security at Hosting Server

5. Comparing Accounting Security: Cloud vs. Local Machine

  • Security against External Attackers
  • Hardware Dependent Security
  • Adapting to the Changing Trends

6. Summarizing The Comparison

All the comparisons and security details mentioned in the whitepaper are focused on the perspective of the CPA and other accounting professionals. Along with the comparison, we have listed the steps that you can adopt to maintain the security of the accounting data and applications without any compromise with the performance.

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