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Ace Cloud VPS provides you with your own virtual machine with full root access, private IP address and independent resources so that you can deploy web applications in no time.
  • Instant Server Setup
  • Enterprise-grade SSD drives
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Auto-Deployment
  • Fast Upgrades
  • Fully Secure
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All the Cloud Features at a Fraction of the Price

Zero compromise with performance


Anti-DDoS Protection


99.99% Compute Uptime


IPv6 Support


24 x 7 Email Support


Powerful API & CLI


Worldwide Availability


Backup & Disaster Recovery


NVMe Drives


Customized Firewall Rules

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Years of Exp.
Data Centers
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Why Ace as your Cloud VPS Provider?

Empowering businesses to tap the power of cloud


Ultra-fast Operations

Employ an infrastructure that is ultra-fast, minimizes server load, uses parallel instances for multiple websites and highly modular for you to scale resources easily.


Simple Solutions

Ace VPS are designed specifically to integrate with your existing infrastructure and services, saving you the time and cost of building it yourself.


Unlimited Bandwidth

Take advantage of VPS specifically developed to provide your website with unlimited bandwidth to handle high traffic, at a reasonable price and to host indefinite customers.


Convenient Billing

Ace VPS hosting is convenient, secured and reliable that offers predictable billing so you can focus on your projects - no surprises, no hidden fees.

Leverage Quick Deployment of your Web Applications

Benefits of VPS

Optimize application development process without the hassle of managing clusters

Performance, Efficiency, and Security- Ace VPS offers it all

Use Cases

Catering your needs with unmatched efficiency

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Gain insights to our latest advancements


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Economical and trouble-free provider

Ace Cloud has been an economical and trouble-free provider of cloud hosting services for my company. Their technical support has the fastest response I've ever experienced and the tech support people are extremely professional.
Michael Cook

There is no mystery to why there is an "Ace" in their name.

Ace team is AMAZING. From the prompt and always available support and solutions consultants to the expertise and quality of their services - everything, in my experience, has been top-notch...
Iryna E
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Ace Cloud provides fantastic service.

Everyone we work with is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and courteous. They make this part of my job so much easier. Thank you to everyone at Ace Cloud!
Tracie Beck
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Reliable service, great customer and technical support.

Easy to use, familiar interface for users and the support that comes with it. Reason for choosing Ace: Technology, price, security and responsiveness of the sales team...
Lisa V.

Easy access to cloud-based capability.

it allows our firm to access the information and programs we need from anywhere. Additionally, Ace Cloud has a quick and responsive support team ...
Cameron C
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Excellent Service

Very responsive and excellent to work with. They are 24/7 operationally, so no downtime
Raymond Pearson

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Resources to help drive your business forward faster

A VPS is a set of dedicated resources that help you run any website or software application. Unlike shared hosting, the data on a VPS is isolated onto its own dedicated virtual machine which is entirely your business. By running a VPS, you are creating a virtual layer on the OS and providing users with virtually dedicated servers.

Ace VPS offers you more storage capacity, faster speeds and additional tools in order to achieve enhanced business goals. Getting your website’s data closer to your visitors means fewer hops through the data center and smoother page loading. Also, having more servers in close proximity will ultimately give you better performance and we help you benefit on all these fronts.

Yes, you can run multiple websites on a VPS. You don’t necessarily have to host them all on the same server. It’s possible to partition your VPS with permissions and space assigned to each new website or database that you’re setting up.

Ace guarantees security of VPS by maintaining isolation between different users, as well as by individual access rights and access restriction based on IP addresses.

Ace offers it customers prepaid services to purchase VPS. Using either your credit card or your net banking account, you can reserve the resources needed for your business and pay for them monthly.

With Ace, you can be rest assured, knowing that you are in safe hands as we have an extensive experience with cloud VPS, wherein you get the environment you need, to focus on your main competencies. Also, for any concerns, Ace provides 24/7 support to clients.

VPS is suitable for hosting an unlimited number of websites or applications with plenty of resources and power. Whether you are looking to build a server to host just one website or are trying to manage hundreds of websites with hundreds of customers, VPS is the best choice. It is scalable and you get desired computing power for your site at any time without any interruption.

If you want a powerful server that requires little maintenance and can be purchased as an investment (with potential to profit) or with the purpose of hosting your website, then VPS is the best choice. VPS tend to cost less than dedicated servers and provide platforms for running mission-critical, data-driven applications.

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