What is Cloud virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)?

VDI is a virtualization solution that creates a desktop environment on a centralized server. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure gives secure and convenient remote access to help boost employee productivity across different endpoints. These endpoints can be PCs, laptops, or thin clients.

Virtual desktops enhance user mobility and remote access, as they can access them from anywhere anytime and stay ahead of competitors. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution helps to cope up with the challenges of remote working, such as real-time collaboration, data backup, top-level security, and business continuity.

With the complex workflows and growing client demands, we know how critical it is for every organization to look for high-level mobility and flexible cloud solutions. As a strategic partner of Citrix, ACE knows how hybrid working is the future of work. Our virtual desktop infrastructure services are created on the cloud to set your team up for success and keep your business in sync.After the pandemic, virtual desktop solutions have become the need of the hour for an effective hybrid working model. For employees who are often on the go and need to pull up high performance from different locations, having VDI on the cloud for them is like having an on-demand desktop with a full range of virtual apps and data.

ACE’s fully managed VDI delivers you a multi-cloud experience with virtual desktops for your teams. With our Citrix VDI solution, empower your business to meet the growing demands of the industry. Have access to your applications at any hour of the day from anywhere around the globe.

And the best part is you only pay for the resources you use. We give our customers round-the-clock support. ACE, as the top VDI provider, has over a decade of experience delivering cloud services. Our experts are available to guide you round the clock via chat, email, and phone to solve all the issues, even on holidays and weekends.

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By 2024

the Cloud VDI market will replace corporate issued PCs and will take over half of all managed endpoints- Gartner.


of employees state that the pandemic has shown that their organization needs to invest more in digital technology- Citrix


employees need access to the latest workplace technology to boost productivity from home- Citrix


Why VDI Makes Sense In Today’s World

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Embrace Digital Transformation With Managed-VDI Solutions

Key Benefits of Having ACE as Your Cloud VDI Provider

Anywhere, Anytime Access to Business Desktops

In this competitive world, whether the workforce works from the office or home, they surely need to have secure and reliable access to business at all times, not just while in the office. No doubt, technology has evolved but giving full-time access to employees on any device remains an unsolved challenge for many firms.

Businesses can achieve this with ACE’s cloud virtual desktop solutions. Our VDI service is not chained to the specific endpoint; you can access it from multiple devices—whether mobile, PCs, tablets, or thin client devices. Cloud VDI lets you complete your tasks with the utmost productivity, as your desktop is just a few clicks away.

Anywhere, Anytime Access to Business Desktops

Personalized Access

Work from home and operate from your personal devices like laptops, phones, or tablets.


No Location Limitation

Work from any remote location or while you are traveling just with your device and internet.


Multi-Device Compatibility

Connect your virtual desktops easily with devices like printers, scanners, or other desktops.


Multi-User Collaboration

Increase your productivity by working with your clients and colleagues in a collaborated environment.

Enhance your Data Security with Cloud VDI

Enhance your Data Security with Cloud VDI

Securing corporate data is a concern for every firm. Sensitive business data is not limited only to a single instance. It can be in any device: organization devices, personal devices, private clouds, departmental PCs, and the list goes on. But endpoints are vulnerable to cyber threats and data breaches. Therefore, you need a cloud virtual desktop infrastructure to keep your information in a secure environment.

By opting for ACE’s VDI solution, you can put these concerns to rest. We deploy the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops platform on a multi-layered secure cloud infrastructure.


Layered security

Data security with TLS 1.3 for data in transit, hardware and software-based firewalls, and 256-bit encryption


Built-in security tools

High-end security measures to safeguard your virtual desktop from cyber theft or data breaches


Network Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of glitches or fraudulent activities with real-time intrusion detection and prevention


Resilient Data Centers

Data is stored in state-of-the-art data centers at multiple locations with physical security and CCTV surveillance

Unified and Consistent End-User Experience

Virtual desktops infrastructure brings the most comprehensive and consistent approach to high-performance experience and operations across cloud environments. With the virtual desktops managed by ACE, you get the desired performance even on resource-intensive applications. No matter if you work on computing apps or games, we offer your virtual desktops hosted on high-performance servers that accelerate the creation of images giving you top user experience.

Unified and Consistent End User Experience

Advanced SSD

New generation solid-state drives (SSDs) offer you faster storage and improve the speed of desktops


High-Performance Computing (HPC)

High-performance cloud servers to work on multiple applications without lag, giving you the same experience, you get on office desktops


Graphic Intensive Apps

Run graphic accelerated applications smoothly on virtual desktops and give your employees a richer experience


NVIDIA Graphics

Virtual desktops built on NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 GPUs for an unparalleled visual experience

Award-Winning Customer Support

Award-Winning Customer Support

Customer support plays a pivotal role in offering uninterrupted services when accessing a virtual desktop solution from endpoint devices. Ace Cloud Hosting provides cloud VDI customers with round-the-clock technical support. Our team of professionals is always at your beck and call to resolve all the issues and queries effectively.

You can get in touch with our technical team on any platform that suits you the best, whether via call, chat, or email.


Scale on-demand

You can get the number of users, desktops, and other resources scaled instantly as per your changing business requirements.


Round the Clock Support

We are available 24 X 7 X 365 — including non-business hours, even on weekends or holidays around the year.


Quick Response

With a few minutes’ response time, you don’t need to wait for long to resolve your desktop issues.


Quick Provisioning

Virtual desktops are created within a nominal time frame and ready to use with your unique IDs.

VDI Solutions
With An Enterprise-class Security Approach

Your data is safe with us!

VDI Solutions For Every Industry



Managed on-the-go virtual desktops for the IT industry, providing high performance and secure remote access to the resources to work in real-time—with no disruption in the operations.

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The fully managed virtual desktop solution for BPO is an efficient way to manage the customer experience from anywhere while saving capital expenses.

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Managed VDI solutions for the financial sector, such as banks and insurance companies, deliver instant access to sensitive information and apps on any device over a secure network.

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Advanced virtual desktop infrastructure for manufacturing ensures no disruption in the supply chain by giving instant access to data related to R&D, plant floor, and distribution teams as they roam across devices and networks.

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Secure VDI solutions for law firms give the lawyers a way to secure client-centered communications across devices without requiring an IT team to deploy physical workstations.

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A virtual learning platform for educational institutions that enables seamless data access to remove location barriers for distance and online education.

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Ace managed VDI solutions to ease managing multiple stores by delivering instant access to sales staff where they need it.

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Why Host VDI on Cloud?

Find out how the cloud VDI solution supports achieving more efficiency for today’s businesses. Enjoy various benefits of our cloud-hosted VDI and find out how it differs from the on-Premise VDI.

On-premise VDI Cloud VDI
Your team is responsible for the deployment and patching activities of the virtual desktop. VDI provider manages everything from installing to networking for you.
You need to hire an in-house IT support team to offer technical support at any hour of the day. Round-the-clock technical support is available to address your concerns.
Inadequate data security parameters may become a cause of cyber threats. Data is centrally controlled and managed from the cloud.
Requires investment in hardware makes it expensive. You get a pay-as-you-go model, and no CapEx is required.
Unresolved technical glitches hamper productivity. Glitches resolved in significantly less time.
Software installation and renewals waste time. Central IT infra helps with installation and renewals from one place.
Desktop scalability can be a hassle due to costly equipment. On-demand scalability as per VDI usage for optimum resource utilization.

Take Advantage Of The Industry-leading Cloud VDI Solutions by ACE

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service

Get every business resource you need, all in one place, with VDI cloud or Desktop as a service without worrying about security.

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Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services

Make your way to enhance your digital experience by working uninterrupted from remote locations on windows desktop sessions.

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Hosted Virtual Desktop

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Move your desktops to the cloud- it’s flexible, so you can get meet remote business demands thrown your way.

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GPU as a service

GPU as a service

Get a high-definition experience to work on 3D and graphic-intensive applications and optimize your complete experience.

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Desktop as a Service

Citrix Managed Desktop

Get high-performance managed desktops powered on the Citrix platform and ensure the parallel processing of multiple applications from remote locations.

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Workspace as a Service

Workspace as a Service

Readily create virtual workspaces for your remote workforce, clients, or partners in under an hour with the fully managed secure workspace solutions from ACE.

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Years of Exp.

Happy Customers


Happy Users




Data Centers


Data Centers

Here’s How Ace Can Benefit Your Business


Next-level Security

We deploy multi-factor authentication and data encryption for secure access to your virtual desktops.


Flexible Pricing

We have customized managed VDI pricing plans that cater to the needs of every type and scale of business.


99.99% Uptime

We ensure the all-time availability of your applications and data with an SLA-backed 99.99% uptime guarantee.


30-Day Backup

We maintain daily backup for 30 days to ensure that you never lose your critical data.


Better Graphics

Get uninterrupted access to graphic-intensive applications delivered to the remote devices.


Always-on Support

Get round-the-clock support from our team of VDI experts to help you at every step.

Citrix Strategic Partners To Offer Friction-free VDI Experience

The ACE-managed virtual desktop infrastructure is hosted on the Citrix cloud platform. It has helped thousands of businesses continue offering their employees the most secure and flexible remote access with a high-end-user experience.

Here’s what our client say

Trusted By More Than 17000+ Users

Kathryn Ingerly

8 years has been long, healthy relationship and I will not ever be looking around.

Kathryn Ingerly – CPA & Business Management Specialist

I’ve worked with Ace Cloud Hosting for over 10 years. Their customer service is second to none. Most issues are resolved in minutes. Highly recommend!

Andrew McCabe – from Joseph P. McCabe, Inc.

I am very impressed with Ace’s online support. Every time I have needed help, you specialists were able to resolve the problems very quickly.

Adam Levine- Levine & Associates LLC

I Love Ace Cloud Hosting! This product has made it possible for me to work and manage the financials for this company across the state. I have recommended it to several other companies and they love it as well! There customer support is always on top of everything!

Lindsay – Bay Area Fire & Safety, Inc.

The best customer service you can rely on. A real person answered the phone every time when I called and problems were solved within few hours the latest, even some time provide solution at the same time. I would highly recommend.

Siva Path- WebCPA.ca

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Frequently Asked Questions

A VDI solution is a technology that hosts virtual desktops on a centralized server created by VDI providers. It delivers a multi-user experience with a single control portal for seamless business management. Thanks to VDI, multiple users can work from anywhere and anytime with utmost security and flexibility.

Cloud VDI: Cloud VDI is a technology that helps to create virtual desktop instances from cloud servers. End users can directly use these desktops from their personal devices. It gives them remote access from any device by hosting them on third-party servers.

RDS: Remote Desktop Service or RDS is a technology that helps to access Windows OS from remote computers connected with central servers.

VPN: Virtual Private Network or VPN is a software technology that helps you connect to a secure corporate or personal network.

To know more, read in detail – VDI vs. RDS vs. VPN.

A VDI is simply a technology that hosts virtual desktops for which you get authorized access from any location. It creates a flexible working environment for firms opting for a work-from-home or remote culture. This doesn’t get limited to remote firms and the businesses where employees are on the run. In other words, it acts like a physical desktop that stores your data on a cloud-based server. The features are:

  • Centralized IT management
  • Higher cloud security
  • Multi-device compatibility
  • Lowers IT costs and time

VDI and Virtual machines (VM) are not the same concepts, but they are closely related. A virtual machine creates a computing environment with its own CPU, storage, RAM, and more, just like physical desktops. In contrast, VDI works on a VM to provision applications. Without a VM, you can’t create a VDI.

In simple words, you need a VM to host a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), but you don’t need a VDI to host a VM.

No, Citrix is the brand providing virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). We, ACE, are the Citrix Strategic Partner and offer your managed virtual desktops hosted on the Citrix platform. This basically means we are responsible for every IT task from deployment to security, and you get a high-performance experience.

VDI stands for virtual desktop infrastructure. As the name suggests, it is a desktop virtualization solution that hosts desktop instances in a central server system that allows you to access enterprise data from any device, including smartphones, tablets, or thin clients.

Our VDI solutions pricing starts at a nominal cost of $30 per user per month. This comes with specific RAM, storage, and vCPUs. If you have customized needs, you can also get a custom pricing quote. Visit DaaS Pricing for more information.

ACE is one of the top VDI providers that offer you an entirely managed VDI solution deployed on their highly secure cloud servers in various locations, including the US, specifically Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Tahoe, Reno, and Las Vegas. If you need hosted VDI services, we will first comprehend your business needs and then offer you the best cloud solutions among DaaS, cloud-hosted virtual desktop, and WaaS.

With cloud VDI, we aim to address the challenges you face with on-premise deployments. Also, you can get customized virtual desktops for graphic-intensive applications. You can get a high-definition experience with the utmost flexibility from personal devices.

Virtual desktops are of two types: Persistent vs. Non-Persistent. Persistent virtual desktops providers you access to all data, information, and settings will remain saved after the end of a session. It retains all the data and requires more storage space. In non-persistent virtual desktop infrastructure, your data and settings are lost at the end of the session, even if you saved them. It does not retain the data and hence requires less storage space. Understand all about Virtual desktops-Types and Benefits.

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