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What is Storage as a Service (STaaS)?

In Storage as a Service (STaaS), you can access a data storage platform through the cloud service provider. These are managed services delivered from the public cloud on a shared basis.
Alternatively, you can opt for dedicated infrastructure if you want it on-premise. There are multiple storage methods for STaaS – disaster recovery, block storage, SSD storage, object storage, bulk data transfer, and network file systems.
  • These services are subscription-based and are billed as per usage. You can access individual storage services via interface protocols or standard system application program interfaces (APIs).
  • Storage methods support file sharing, backup lifecycle management and hence are cost-effective for small and mid-size businesses.
  • As an SMB you can now implement data archiving, take backups, restore any lost data, and maintain their storage infrastructure at a reasonable price.

Storage as a Service

Cloud Storage Solutions by ACE

block storage

Block Storage

Block storage is a storage architecture where the administrator configures each volume to behave as a separate hard disk. Data is kept in blocks of a specific size. A separate software program regulates how blocks are allocated and ordered on a disk, independent from the storage media.
Typically, block storage management software is under the control of the server operating system. It is designed for high-performance, mission-critical applications with low latency and high I/O performance. It is often a high-performance alternative to filing storage in storage area network (SAN) environments.
Our typical offerings include NVME storage, SSD storage, and Magnetic storage that delivers the fastest response times and highest throughput for all types of enterprise workloads.

Object Storage

Object storage, also known as object-based storage, is a type of online storage that allows you to store static files in an endless amount of space and share them with your applications or web users. Object storage divides large data files into smaller objects stored in a single repository that can be dispersed across distinct networked systems.
Object storage is a data storage management and manipulation method that controls and manipulates data storage as discrete objects. These items are kept in a single location and aren’t buried in folders within folders. Object storage combines the data that makes up a file, adds all required file metadata, and assigns it a unique identifier.
Our typical offerings include Standard storage, Glacier storage, and Infrequent storage, which are secure and durable for data archiving, backup, and restoring any lost data.
object storage

Benefits of Cloud Computing Storage

Regulates Capital Expenditure

Regulates Capital Expenditure

Our cloud storage eliminates the expense of purchasing servers and managing complex storage infrastructure. It makes it easier for customers to scale up or down capacity as needed.

Eliminates Infrastructure Problems

Eliminates Infrastructure Problems

Our cloud storage allows the IT team to deliver storage quickly, enabling an ongoing focus on application problems. It avoids getting bogged down by infrastructure problems.

Manages Enterprise Data

Manages Enterprise Data

With cloud storage, data can be managed effectively for long-term retention or short-term backup across storage tiers. As the storage is centralized, customers can harness the benefits of the cloud.

Automates Business Processes

Automates Business Processes

Our cloud storage automates file management and can be used on any computing device, thereby freeing the user to focus on other tasks rather than managing files.

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Why Choose ACE
For Storage as a Service?

There are numerous ways ACE’s cloud storage services benefit a business. Besides the general benefits of cost-saving, scalability, and enhanced flexibility, cloud storage solutions help you improve and optimize businesses in the following manner.

Dedicated Network

Dedicated Network

Our cloud storage solution lets customers store their data in secure and off-site servers that they can access either through a dedicated network connection or through the public internet.
Scalable Architecture

Scalable Architecture

We provide a scalable alternative to storing files on on-premise hard drives or storage networks.
Full Supervision

Full Supervision

We host, secure, manage, and maintain the servers and associated infrastructure and ensure that they access the data whenever they need it.
Economical Pricing

Economical Pricing

We offer both flat and a pay-as-you-use model, allowing users to maintain and store data off-site in a cost-efficient manner.

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