Sage 500 ERP Hosting

Sage 500 ERP Hosting

Boost your business productivity with complete enterprise management system

Sage 500 ERP software is a complete enterprise management solution, developed to help companies streamline their operations. Hosting of the software offers various ERP business solutions for small and medium size organizations.


Hosting Sage 500 helps to control finances, customer relationships and supply chain units for an organization. It allows businesses to boost productivity with sophisticated workflow and flexible personalization. Hosting solutions run your business the way you want to, with low operating cost and high ROI.

Advantages of hosting your Sage 500 with Ace Cloud Hosting:


Accounting made easy

Hosting Sage 500 ERP software helps you to efficiently run your productivity in a fully integrated accounting software setup. The user can easily maximize efficiency and can customize the functions of the software in order to gain maximum out of his business.

It provides beneficial accounting and financial modules which are easily customizable according to the business demands. It provides such solutions which increases the productivity and lowers the overall cost of the organization. The functions and design helps to maintain low cost of ownership and high ROI.

Reduced administrative cost

Sage 500 ERP software lets the organization improve efficiency by reducing administrative cost and also can help gain better control over expenditures by using accounts payable. It automatically manages vendor related tasks and payment procedures.

Hosting of the software simplifies calculating sales taxes, discounts and due dates. It thrives productivity with powerful core financial accounting software and keeps a regular check by constantly changing sales tax laws to give the organization a step ahead in the market.


Quick access to reports

Hosting Sage 500 on our superfast SSD servers improves cash flow and develops customer service by positively affecting your management of the whole collection process. It also makes it easy to process invoice entries, calculating taxes, commissions, and automatically updates all the ledger accounts.

Sage 500 Hosting efficiently monitors customer accounts with minute-to-minute updates and listings all the transaction records. It manages and records all the asset inventories efficiently and accurately and reduces loss. It has the state of art security process that keeps your records and reports safe.

Planning and budgeting simplified

Ace Cloud Hosting lets you take control of your budgeting process and also provides the time frame to strategize business plans. Sage budgeting and planning keeps the cycle short helping to create influential forecast and a true performance analysis.

It facilitates more informed warehouse and inventory management decisions. Hosting integrates all enterprise data and general ledger. It has great financing modules which are integrated by Microsoft office which brings in higher range of productivity and extensive export capabilities.


Managing cash

Cash management helps you to handle all the financial tasks including deposits, withdrawals, interest earnings and charges, bank transfers, bank fees and all other financial processes accurately. It enables the organization to monthly summarize the finance capabilities and also provides them with the access of comparisons on year-to-year terms.

Ace Cloud Hosting controls and manages exchange rates of currency in a record realized manner that helps maintain the ledger accounts in a more powerful and a beneficial way. Multicurrency manager maintains the exchange rates schedules which helps the organization in better decision making and analyzing the situations.