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Secure your instance’s data on the cloud, and guard against data loss with Instance backup.

Secure and Reliable

Premium Backup

Automated System

Data Recovery

Public Cloud Instance Backup

Leverage On-Demand Backup Along With Automated Deployments

Get backup and restore options for all your business needs

  • Restore the instance using the backup that is physically available on host machines.
  • Get temporary block-level storage for your instances which comes with its own image catalog.
  • Obtain backup of all the files that are stored on the instance at any given time.
Leverage Ondemand Backup
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Get 3X More Protected Business Data With Ace Instance Solutions

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Maximize your productivity


Easy Data Restoration

Get access to the best-in-class data recovery for your cloud business as our backups are cost-friendly and 99.995% durable.


Centralized System

Use our backup systems to monitor, operate, control, and optimize data protection on a large scale in a unified and consistent manner.


Application Security

Ace Instance Backup services help you manage access, detect any data vulnerability, and easily maintain your applications.


Value for Money

Get one of the most affordable backup options whilst keeping the performance at par with the competition.

Years of Exp.
Data Centers
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Ensure Data Reliability with Instance Backup

Get most out of your data with instance protection

Never Lose Your Data Again, Create Back up with Ace Instance Backup Solutions

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Use Cases

Get your instance(s) encrypted, secure, and backed up

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Let us address the most common questions you have about Instance Backup

The time to restore a backup using ACE is based on the size of your instance. For example, a 1 GB instance will take less time to restore than a 100 GB instance.

Ace public cloud uses advanced cloud technology to trigger backup automatically on a regular basics using pre-defined configuration.

ACE provides 100% data availability for the Instance Backup service.

Ace public cloud stores instance ID, RAM volume, disk size and other operating system configuration.

No, the additional volumes are backuped up seperately.

You can use instance backups to keep your block level storage data safe and secure.

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