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ACE offers reliable and easy-to-use OpenStack cloud block storage and SSD-based S3-compatible object storage designed for your demanding workloads.


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    Block Storage

    Our MaxIOPS block storage technology is built on enterprise-grade SSDs and is up to 2x faster as compared to industry-standard cloud servers.

    Our block storage includes NVMe, SSD, and magnetic storage delivering the fastest response times and the highest throughput for enterprise workloads.

    Object Storage

    Use our object storage with an S3-compatible programmable interface to store file-level backups and share content and files globally.

    Our OpenStack cloud object storage can be scaled to match the growth of your business to easily boost the storage size without having to migrate your data.


    Instance Backup

    Secure your business with best in-class data recovery services and backup systems for operating, monitoring, and controlling data safety with our Instance Backup.

    Devised to protect your crucial business data on cloud with premium backup and provides temporary block-level storage for all your instances.

    Volume Snapshot

    Create at-the-moment copies for data volumes and secure them with snapshots. Leverage quick data recovery and store copies securely for future use.

    Schedule volume snapshots at pre-determined intervals to avoid having data volumes and enjoy simplified & high-speed data migration.


    Cloud Storage Pricing with no lock-in and no complex contracts

    Block Storage

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    Flavor Name Price Per Hour ($) Price Per Month ($)
    NVMe based High IOPS Storage $0.000139 $0.1
    NVMe + SaaS based IOPS Optimised Storage $0.000083 $0.06

    $30/ mo

    $70.5/ mo

    $90/ mo

    $100/ mo

    Be Cloud Smart with ACE's Cloud Storage as a Service

    Less time managing, More time growing

    scalable with storage as a service
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    Be Cloud Smart

    Less Time Managing. More Time Growing.

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    Store your data in the cloud for fast and easy access from any device.

    Use Cases Of Cloud Storage

    Effortless data storage with simple pricing

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    Let us address the most common questions you have about Cloud Storage Solutions.

    We offer object storage container possessing 99.9% SLA monthly availability with 100% monthly data recovery rate.

    With our OpenStack dashboard control panel, our object storage based on the S3 protocol, provides you with an easy-to-use interface to retrieve and store unstructured data from anywhere on the internet.

    Block storage unlike local storage doesn’t rely on a single path to data, it can be retrieved quickly. You can access each block in a different operating system, which grants you complete freedom to configure your data.

    Of course, our object storage devices are limited to 1 TB, while you can have as many object storage devices as you need.

    You can monitor your object cloud computing storage consumption directly from the dashboard and measure metrics such as storage and bucket usage.

    No. You must detach a volume before resizing it and additional volumes must be external Ceph volumes to add a local SSD to an instance.

    No, block storage can be attached to instances deployed in the same region.

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